Another murder to intensify the mystery in Ekta Kapoor's Naagin 3
Colors supernatural show Naagin 3 is something that is nowadays breaking the TRP records with it's most eye-catching melodrama, suspense, and thrill.

Since the evil witch Jamini have entered in Naagin Bela's life, Bela is facing a deep trauma and has no cluse to defeat her.

In between, Vish has take Rehaan's identity to fool the Inspector and Anu who are desperate to dig out Rehaan's murder truth.
Where the story is unveiling uncounted twists and turns in the storyline, the viewers will get to see an epic battle in the storyline.

Bela Jamini and Vish face off the deadly fight
And so on Jamini will trap Vish and Bela, where the viewers will see a deadly fight between two naagins and a witch.

The drastic fight will follow Jamini's death cum murder, it would be highly intense to watch how Jamini's death will take shape of another murder mystery and if she will return back.
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