Bepanah: Zoya finally decides to confess Aditya’s importance in her life

In the future story of Colors most popular and trending show Bepanah loyal viewers will get to witness interesting episode as Aditya (Harshad Chopda) spellbound seeing Zoya (Jennifer Winget) decked up in chiffon saree.

It seems Zoya discuss with Noor over her relation with Aditya where she wants to confess many things to him.
Zoya thus decides to confess to Aditya that he is the most precious human being in her life “Azeez Dost” aka Best Friend.

Zoya thus will be seen wearing chiffon saree where Aditya makes his entry while she was dressing up.

Aditya excuses self saying sorry but Zoya is ready so she calls him back.
Aditya compliments Zoya’s simplified beauty
Aditya will get spellbound seeing Zara in chiffon saree and compliment her simplified beauty.

Will Zoya be able to confess what she wanted to before Aditya?

Will Aditya too confess his feelings?
Let’s wait and watch.

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