It was morning, Roshan comes to the room and wakes Zoya and Noor up. She was restless as it’s a big they long awaited. Noor sits up and wish good morning to Zoya and ammi. She assures Zoya everything will be best today. Zoya says her Koh e Noor is here with her, everything is best for her. Noor vows to turn Zoya into a precious gem today.
Sakshi was tied to the chair again and physically hurt by the kidnapper while her mouth tied with a cloth piece. The kidnapper connects the phone to her laptop, Sakshi thinks this isn’t good. She talks to Arjun from laptop as Sakshi. Arjun gets a call from Sakshi, the kidnapper assures Arjun she is fine, she missed Adi and cooked kheer today. Arjun says he will make her speak to mom now and finds Anjana but she was nowhere around. The kidnapper leaves the godown where Sakshi was kept.
Zoya was ready in a red attire. Her parents come to complement her looking much beautiful.
Anjana asks her manager how he can’t trace even a single card, visa or any ticket records from Aditya? The manager says Aditya is working very clever, he doesn’t leave any clue and his visa was already for 10 years. Once they thought when Aditya was in a hotel in Paris he wasn’t there. Anjana looks towards Harsh out of doubt and asks if he is even trying? Harsh calms her down and sends the manager to bring some results.
Zoya arrives at the stage. Aditya followed the news on his laptop while he drank. Zoya was presented the young entrepreneur award as her company Zosh crossed a 150% profit. Siddiqui family was there and boastful of their daughter. Zoya was given a chance to speak, she says ‘Hum akeli chalay thay rah per – Loag miltay gaye, Karwan banta gaya (We left home alone on a path, people came across and a karvan was made)’. She thanks her family for being her strength and always standing behind her, then her Zosh events family for their support. He then mentions a friend who taught her everything in life by sometimes fighting and sometimes sweetly to her, and that person is Aditya Hooda. Aditya
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