At Hooda house, Harsh thanks Hawaldar to drop Aditya home, this guy would have been in jail again otherwise. After the police leaves, Harsh questions if Aditya has the slightest chance how it could affect their case adversely. Aditya says yes its his mistake, he married her is his mistake, she cheated on him is also his mistake, she became pregnant with someone else was also his mistake. Sakshi comes from behind to slap Aditya. Anjana questions how dare you? Sakshi replies no, how dare them? They have been speaking against her daughter whatever they wish but not anymore. Sakshi says she knows what pain he had gone through and didn’t want to make him suffer anymore. She couldn’t tell him anything because otherwise she would have to tell them she knew about Pooja and Yash. Sakshi says she had been guilty for months. 
She suffered for months when she was in the house and even when he had pushed her out of the house. But today he needs to know his own face isnt clear as well. Why he always think he is the rightest person. One day he felt she stepped out of the limit of this relation and he started hating her. He was her life since the age of 12, she did his homework and even took admission in his college. She was an MBA and didn’t opt for a job only because he needed her more. He was someone who couldn’t come to any agreements with his parents, he could be aggressive otherwise. It was only because Aditya can only find negative in others, for him his parents are wrong, Pooja is wrong, Arjun wrong and Zoya is wrong as well. She throws the diary off from her hand and minds Aditya that he wasn’t a good husband for her daughter. Pooja was tired and wanted a normal life but he couldn’t ever grow up from college life. She considered that becoming a mother might turn him responsible; she came to discuss the matter with him one day. Aditya replied, he had to take care of himself first. He wasn’t ready to take any responsibility. Pooja understood there was space of only a single child in her life that was Aditya. That day, when she had come to him she was pregnant with his child; she wanted to tell him she bear his child. 
Aditya was shocked to hear and asks why Pooja didn’t tell her? Sakshi says after what he had said how she could tell him. He was never a husband, he only married his best friend and always be. Sakshi says its her daughter who took every responsibility in their relation, that day also she went alone to hospital for abortion. She died along with her child. It made her cry until her tears wiped all the love for Aditya away. They lived in the same room, how Aditya could not know what she was going through. Sakshi says one day Yash asked Pooja how she was, he noticed her amidst the whole world.
Aditya wasn’t ready to accept this.
Sakshi says she would accept a hundred times that cheating can’t be justified. Pooja was wrong, she lost her child but the end of their relation started with Aditya and not Pooja. Aditya was haunted badly by this accusation, he falls on the floor and tries to negate it all. He spots a diary lying nearby on the floor. Sakshi turns to leave. Aditya holds her feet and asks her to tell him this is wrong, she can beat him badly but forgive him and say this is all lie. He cries there on the floor while Anjana comes to support him.
She shouts at Sakshi that this is enough, Sakshi claims Pooja was pregnant with Aditya’s child. Zoya claims she was perfect with Yash. She says it was Pooja who had an affair. Not every marriage is perfect, there are problems but she wonders how Pooja was brought up that she started an affair as soon as the problems started. Sakshi clarifies she doesn’t want a justification for her daughter’s act. She was at Aditya’s side, not the whole world is against him and always wrong. Aditya must mind this. Anjana asks Sakshi how she might know the news about pregnancy is right. Sakshi looks towards Aditya and says he knows the truth. Sakshi says this isnt court where she can prove herself right, she can only show a path to Aditya through which he can save himself. She walks out of the Hooda house.
Aditya unlocks the diary remembering Zoya’s request to read the diary once if he still doesn’t trust. Zoya walks out as well. Aditya remembers Pooja hide the diary from him.
PRECAP: Aditya reads the diary. Both had wanted to share surprise with each other. Pooja told Aditya she was pregnant, Aditya tells her to say she was joking. She said she was joking.

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