Aditya sat in a corner of room on floor, haunted by Sakshi’s blames over his responsibilities and childishness. He denies accepting all this and says it can’t be true. There were heavy wind in the room, a book fell off from the shelf and his photo with Pooja fly to Aditya. He goes into a flash back. “He thanked someone on call and was excited he had planned all holidays of the year in advance, he always forgot Pooja’s birthday. Pooja came to him from behind. Both had surprises for each other. Pooja told him she is pregnant, Aditya was in such a disbelief and questioned how it was possible, is she joking? Pooja finally said she was joking. Aditya was relieved and told her he himself is a child, he already planned the whole year’s holidays and would have to cancel the bookings otherwise. He then regretted telling her about the surprise in such a bland way and hugged Pooja. Pooja didn’t hug back.”
Aditya looks towards the photo and cries that she wasn’t joking. Why she didn’t tell him. He regrets she told him but he was the one who never understood. He spots the diary on the bed and recalls how possessive Pooja was about her diary. He said he would one day read it, he should know what she writes about her husband’s diary.
Zoya was calling Aditya and tensed as he didn’t pick up the phone. She wonders if she did the right thing by telling Aditya all this, his conditioned worsened. Noor brings the coffee and says Zoya did the right thing, someone must have told him one day about it. Zoya was tensed that Aditya didn’t pick up the call, what if he harms himself.
At Hooda house, Anjana shuts all the windows and doors. Harsh comes to her. Anjana was worried as the weather was the same that day, same thunderstorm and raining. He wonders when this thunderstorm will get over. Aditya hasn’t even opened his doors. She wonders when Zoya will stop harming them, Aditya shatters more whenever she comes to meet him. Harsh was determined that this storm will soon be over.
In the room, Aditya sits the read the diary. Pooja wrote, ‘He was my best friend, my love. I wonder when all this happened. That day, I told Aditya about my pregnancy but I had to abort my child to save my relation. Pooja cried in the washroom, she says It seems everything has finished, it’s a one sided love in which only Adi is there, and she exists nowhere. In the office, she discussed with Yash, This friendship is an over rated relation, she suffocates with this word ‘friend’ now. Adi could never see her with the look a husband give to his wife, he never felt her existence. Yash stared at Pooja. Pooja feels odd, then turns to leave. Yash held her hand and said it was already late. He expresses he wait for her each day waiting when he would meet her. When he holds this hand he wish it’s only left with death. Pooja withdrew her hand and says we must stop this all right here. Later, Pooja sat with her head on Yash’s shoulder. He asks why she didn’t tell Aditya about the child. Pooja said, Aditya must have accepted the child, but their marriage was at a verge where children only bring frustrations. I have tried to live happy in this marriage but couldn’t. Adi would also have tried to bear the responsibility of the child, but must have got frustrated soon. Pooja placed her head back on his shoulder and said, I am now used to Yash’s love, I don’t want a friend anymore but love. Yash hugged Pooja assuring he is here ’
Aditya cries lying on the floor beside his bed, broken.
The next morning, Zoya didn’t eat anything for breakfast. Noor notices she was lost completely and requests her to eat something. Soon Noor’s cell phone vibrates, she first cuts the call. She then takes the call, it was Arjun who wanted to talk to Zoya. Waseem says at least they must have breakfast peacefully. Arjun tells Zoya that Aditya has gone to magistrate, they are also called at magistrate office. Zoya promises to be there soon. Zoya leaves home.
In the court, Arjun tells the magistrate that his client Mr. Hooda took the decision in a hurry. He needs to review the file. The magistrate wasn’t ready to make the case more complicated, he was already confused. Aditya signs the papers and turns to Zoya.
PRECAP: Aditya and Zoya put the ring and Yash-Pooja photo in a water stream. Aditya bids farewell to his friend. They turn saying good bye to each other. Aditya says they might not meet but Zoya says fate brought them so far, it will surely keep them in touch. Both walk in opposite directions, turning to see each other in different times.

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