Aditya hopes Zoya reached home safely. It’s raining badly. He recalls her wish to go for a movie together but stops. I cannot stay here. This isn’t my journey! Zoya asks him if the movie tickets are booked. He gets tensed. She says I was asking about movie tickets. I can book if you haven’t. Advance booking has started. He wants to wait to see review but she says it is important for me to go to a movie with my friend. Words like commitment and promise mean something. Do you? He tells her to book then. She says the show is at 9. Come on time. I wont go inside without you. She is emotional by now. He looks at her. She asks him if he will come. He begins to say something when she says you wont come. This is what you wanted to say right? You were never going to come! You lied to me! She hands him his phone. 
Forgive me. I took your agent’s call by mistake. He says I was about to tell you. She calls it a lie. The one who used to lecture me to fight with life, problems and face them, today he himself is running away from them! He looks away. She tells him that he cannot face her today as he is wrong. Do you know what all I did to bring you here? I got ready to even go to jail! I followed you to airport to realise what you mean to me! It was to make you understand what your friendship means to me; to tell you that you are my best friend! It never reached you or maybe you dint want to hear me. you are running away again? From whom? Where will you go without your loved ones? You will always find them near you! Shes tops him from leaving. I only wanted to tell you what your friendship means to me. I made an only friend in life – you. Maybe you never considered me your friend! You dint think even once what I will go through when you wont be here! You can go if you want to leaving behind all your responsibilities and relations! He tells her it isn’t easy for him to go away from her. She refuses to believe it. How to trust you when you can lie for a small thing like film? He asks her to leave in that case. She agrees that their fight is useless as this friendship holds no meaning. Goodbye Aditya! She leaves from there teary eyed while Aditya breaks his phone angrily. Her words echo in his head. Go to hell! Don’t show me your face ever again! I also don’t want to talk to you if you don’t want to!
Anjana comes to Aditya’s room. It is raining really bad. Your Pa called. He might have to stay in office tonight. Don’t go out. She finds him lost. He ends up agreeing. She goes.

Zoya is in a cab. Aditya came here only for a few days and was about to head back! Their argument haunts her. Maybe it is my mistake. I trust everyone, be it in marriage or friendship! Driver applies breaks suddenly breaking her reverie. She tells him to drive slow if needed. Wasim calls Zoya. She assures him she will reach soon. I will have a small work in office to attend to. He offers to come but she assures him she will come.

Aditya is watching news. Anjana is unable to reach Arjun. Aditya tries Arjun’s number as well but in vain. She is worried but he is sure Arjun will return safely. She is irked as to why Arjun had to drop Noor. I don’t know what magic Siddiqui sisters have cast on you. He asks her if it would have been better if they had stayed here overnight. She tells him to keep trying Arjun’s number. Let me know if you are able to get through. Aditya tries Arjun’s number but it’s unavailable. He thinks of Zoya and calls Akansha. She has no clue about Zoya. He is about to call her but then remember their last convo. She was so angry when she left. Don’t know if she will pick my phone or not! I will still call though!
Zoya reaches office. Aditya is relieved to see the taxi’s message. Thank God she booked taxi from my phone. She has reached office finally.

Zoya has to pay a tempo driver and agrees to pay him on her way home. Her phone’s battery is low when she tries to book another taxi for herself.

Noor sings romantic song in the car. Arjun smiles. You think of romance in such weather! She keeps her head on his shoulder. we are stuck here after all!

Zoya takes another taxi.

Noor gets her father’s call. He is relieved to be connected to her. I cannot reach Zoya. Give phone to her. Noor lies that she came out to meet a vendor. Appi is not with me. He asks her if he should come to pick her. She assures him she is on her way in a taxi. He ends the call.
Arjun gets Aditya’s call. Arjun tells him he is with Noor and is stuck in traffic. Arjun asks about Zoya. Aditya says she left for office in taxi. She booked from my phone and has reached 10 minutes ago. Come home soon. Arjun agrees.

Zoya advises driver to take shortcut. He is positive that that road gets jammed real soon. She says GPS says the route is clear. She asks him if he has charger in phone. He declines. Plus you are taking me from a very weird route! She hopes Noor is home safely.

Arjun stops the car outside Noor’s house and hugs her. She tells him to drive safe. He asks for payment. I am flexible. 2 hugs and a kid or 1 hug and a kiss. They lean closer for a kiss when his phone rings. She runs out of his car. Arjun says (on phone) you can never see me happy. I am coming home. She turns and notices her Abbu. Hope he dint see me with Arjun. Wasim asks about Zoya. She tells him that Appi will also reach soon.

Zoya’s cab gets stuck. They hear radio updates. High tide is about to start.

Aditya hopes Zoya has reached by now. Hope she dint get stuck somewhere.

Zoya thinks it was a bad day. I fought with Aditya first and now this!
Precap: Zoya is locked in the car. She shouts for help but in vain. Aditya is looking for her everywhere and shouts her name.

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