Wasim and his family see the news. Water level is increasing and a bridge has collapsed in Andheri. His wife says this is the route which Zoya takes. He leaves to look for Zoya.

Zoya is feeling cold. Driver blames her for taking this route. We are stuck in this place since so long. She apologizes to him. I dint do it intentionally. She requests him to let her use his phone. He gives it to her unhappily. She is unable to reach her father. Wish I could tell Abbu once that I am fine. Driver suggests switching off the car for some time. I will go and check how long the jam is. She agrees. The driver steps out of car and locks it from outside.

Anjana shares that Harsh will leave tomorrow only. Arjun says it is better to stay where you are. The weather isn’t good! Aditya hopes Zoya has reached home safely by now.
Noor calls Arjun. He only looks at it as he is sitting with his family on dinner table. Aditya tells him to pick it. He excuses himself. Noor panics and shares that Appi isn’t home yet. Arjun says she left earlier. Aditya gets alert and takes the phone. She isn’t home since 2 hours? Noor says Abbu has left to look for her. Aditya asks her when they spoke to her last. She shares that it happened while Appi was still in office. Aditya rushes out of the house. Anjana looks on worriedly.

Wasim returns home. His car broke down on the way and he wasn’t able to find any other mode of transport or help. I will go to look for Zoya on foot. Noor stops him. You don’t know about the potholes in Mumbai. So many people have lost their lives. I am also worried for Appi but you wont try to kill yourself! Her parents agree.
Aditya calls Noor. Did anyone have a word with Zoya? She shares that it’s been 2.5 hours. She was in office by then. Aditya tells her he is going to office. Let me know if you speak to her. Noor agrees. Aditya wonders where Zoya is.

Zoya begins to cough. Why isn’t the driver back yet? She tries to open the door but realises that the car is locked. She shouts for help and bangs at the window but no one pays heed to her.

Aditya is driving. He assumes a random girl going in auto to be Zoya and shouts at her. He apologizes to her after realising it isn’t Zoya.

On the other hand, Zoya continues to struggle to find a way out of the car. Aditya’s search is still on. Zoya is finding it difficult to breathe. She notices the spring toy in the front and thinks of Aditya. Their argument echoes in her head. I will be really upset to have fought with you today if it is my last day on earth today. Our fight couldn’t be cleared.
Aditya thinks you called me your best friend. Best friends don’t leave each other so easily. I will find you at any cost! I wont leave you alone! He recalls that Zoya was supposed to visit a vendor first. He calls him but Mandal shares that she was supposed to come but she hasn’t reached yet. Aditya realises the route she would have taken and turns the car.

Zoya bangs her phone / hand on the window but to no use. The screens are all smoggy by now. Zoya writes HELP on the screen. She takes Aditya’s name.

Aditya reaches the place where Zoya’s car is stuck. He shouts her name as he begins to look for her. He keeps her hand on her car’s window when a man collides with him. He walks on. Aditya keeps peeking inside every car which is there. Zoya writes HELP on the window yet again. Aditya mentally prays to meet Zoya. I wont fight again if I meet you! He begins to run in opposite direction. Zoya suddenly honks horn Aditya stops in his track and takes a U turn. Zoya passes out in the car. He goes past her car but suddenly stops. He notices the word written on the window and looks inside. He shouts her name repeatedly while trying to open the door. She sits up and breathes heavily. He shouts at her to breathe. She passes out yet again. He looks at her in shock. All his attempts to open the door go in vain. He breaks open the window using his shoulder and gets her out of the car. He lifts her in his arms.
Aditya brings Zoya to a building. He asks Zoya to open her eyes. Nothing will happen to you. I wont let anything happen to you. I am your best friend. Is this how you behave with your best friend? Sorry that I broke your heart. Call me Besharam, Behaya, Kamzarf or anything but wake up! I wont do it again. I am really sorry. He cries. She says sorry. I fought with you. He says sorry for hiding the truth from her. She says I was thinking in car that I fought with my best friend. What if anything had happened to me? He says how anything happen to you could. I wouldn’t have let you. Her hairline is filled with his blood. He hugs her tight.
Precap: Aditya covers Zoya with his jacket. Title song plays. They sit in front of the fire. She is feeling cold. He rubs her hand and feet. He looks at her.

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