The latest episode of Bigg Boss Marathi witnessed the guest entry in the house.The episode started with the continuation of the discussion about the ‘Gharo Ghari Maticha Chuli’ task.

Megha and Sai finally buried the hatchet and patched up. Megha apologized and expressed her love for her. Megha was seen planning how to play the second phase of the task with her tea. Sharmishtha was crying as she felt that the housemates think that she is influenced by Megha and she repeats the things done by Megha.
Then the next day started with a new song on Sasu-Suun (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law) relation. As the housemates were strategizing for the task at hand, Aastad came up with some innovative ideas.

Then the housemates were ecstatic as Ghadge and Suun famed Bhagyashree Limaye and Atisha Naik entered the Bigg Boss Marathi house as the guests.
Their entry marked the continuation of the ‘Gharo Ghari Maticha Chuli’ task.

This time Atisha was in the role of Sasu and Bhagyashree was in the role of Suun. The teams were also swapped. The team which was Sasu-sasre (mother-in-law and father-in-law) on the previous day had to be Suun-Jawai (daughter-in-law and son-in-law) in the latest episode.
Pushkar asked Megha to consume a large amount of milk. Megha, who is allergic to milk and threw up during the task. She was told by Pushkar to give up as she was unable to continue. As Megha threw up during the task, Pushkar got diamonds which were kept in the locker.

However, the resilient Megha was not ready to quit so easily.
Despite all the housemates supporting Pushkar, Megha stayed firm and demanded rewards for her efforts.
Finally, Megha agreed to give up when Pushkar got ready to return his one diamond to Atisha.

Sai asked Sharmishtha to drink a large amount of milk.
Now, the upcoming episode will decide which team wins the task.

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