The latest episode of Bigg Boss Marathi witnessed a war between the two friends Megha and Sai.
The epsiode started with the entry of the host Mahesh Manjrekar. He sang the song 'Ye Kya Hua, Kaise Hua' dedicating it to the happenings in the house.

Then Mahesh showed the current happenings inside the house through 'Majhya Baacha TV'. Talking to the camera, Sai said that post release she has to play individually. Also, she expressed her happiness over Pushkar becoming the captain of the house.
Then Pushkar and Sai were discussing with each other that Megha played an unfair game in the captaincy task. Sai said that she was trying to support Pushkar in spite of being in Aastad's team.
Then came a funny segment where Pushkar was seen asking Bigg Boss to send someone in the house to massage him and Aastad as they were exhausted due to the physical activities during the task.
Sharmishtha then advised Megha that she should play individually as she has got a wider fan following. Also she doesn't need to be bothered about anyone.
Commenting on Pushkar's way of talking that, Usha said that he takes a lot of time to start his point while talking. Pushkar defended that it's his style of talking.
Megha asked Pushkar to convince Sai into talking to her. Pushkar tried but failed as Sai refused to talk to Megha anymore.
Then Mahesh welcomed all the contestants through 'Majhya Baacha TV'.
Mahesh firstly sang the song 'Dost Dost Na Raha' for Megha and Sai as the two were not talking to each other.

Then he lashed out at Megha and Sai for insulting Nandkishor during the 'Hou De Charcha' task. Manesh termed their actions to be inexplicable and deplorable.
After that Mahesh congratulated Resham for playing well in the game. She was gifted her family photographs for this.
When Mahesh asked Megha, why didn't she support Sai for captaincy, Megha replied that her decision was spontaneous. But Sai said that Megha betrayed her.
Lastly Megha tried to offer her explanation to Sai and Pushkar but they did not listen to her.

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