In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil season 2, heavy rains bothered the housemates, who were trying to continue their task even at midnight. Vaishnavi asked the inmates to pause the ‘Thanni-la Kandam’ task for some time.

Janani said the way instructions were given by Mumtaz regarding issue of taking food items by the housemates, is not pleasant. Earlier Mumtaz’s reaction had hurt Sendrayan.
Janani asked Mumtaz to soften her tone and speak politely or else stop talking to her.

The Thanni-la Kandam task resumed the next morning.

Aishwarya was avoiding her cooking duties. Daniel and Bhalajie alleged that Aishwarya doesn’t have a habit of finishing any cooking related jobs completely. 
The instructions for the next task named ‘Edhir Neechal’ (swimming against the tide) in the ‘Thanni-la Kandam’ luxury budget task was read out by Ramya NSK. This ‘Edhir Neechal’ task was given to increase the water level.
In the Edhir Neechal task, two differently coloured coins were dropped in the swimming pool. From each team, only two members were allowed to participate in this task. The coins had various letters on it.
According to the task, the housemates who dive into the swimming pool should pass on the coins taken by them to the other members of their team. Team A should take red coloured coins and team B should take yellow coloured coins. The team which would be able to form the word ‘Save water’ first on the magnetic board near the swimming pool, will be declared as a winner.

Shariq and Janani gathered red coins, Aishwarya and Mahat gathered yellow coins. As Shariq and Janani completed the task first, they became the winners of ‘Edhir Neechal’ task. Hence, the winning team was allowed to take 3 buckets of water from the opponent team and pour into their water tank.
As Mumtaz and Mahat made maximum mistakes and wasted water, other members of the team planned to keep them away from tank area.

In between the ‘Thanni-la Kandam’ task, Vaishnavi helped the tiring housemates of either team.

Aishwarya, Yashika and Shariq were seen having some discussion in the evening. Meanwhile, alarm rang when Aishwarya spoke in English continuously. Following this, Aishwarya, Yashika, Shariq, Riythvika and Vaishnavi jumped into the swimming pool.
Daniel read out the instructions of the next task to increase the water levels in their tank. The name of the task is ‘Ulle Veliye’, which means inside and outside.

According to the rules, 6 members can participate in this task. Moving in a circular manner, the team members should extract the juice with a straw from the bucket kept at starting point and spit the juice in the bucket at the end point. The team that wins this task will be allowed to take 3 buckets of water from the water tank of the opponent team. Mahat and Daniel team won this task and took 3 buckets of water from the other team.
Later, Mumtaz was assigned a secret task. By morning, if Mumtaz could reduce the water levels in their team’s water tank below the level of 1200 in the measurement scale, the whole house (all inmates of both teams) would be declared winners. Additionally, Mumtaz could win some special concession for herself.

On one side, Mumtaz was repeatedly making mistakes by speaking in English and losing water to the other team. On the other side, Daniel tried his best to speak in Tamil for the whole day.
During night, Aishwarya suffered a ligament injury during this task.

Mumtaz committed mistakes of not wearing the microphone, speaking in English and letting water to ooze slowly. So Mumtaz became the reason behing her team losing water below the level of 1200. However, she claimed her victory in the secret task assigned to her.

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