In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil season 2, Vaishnavi asked a question Sendrayan how he could lift her if she is fat. Sendrayan replied that guys have more competitive spirit especially and can perform any task, if it is related to women.

Ponnambalam made a comment during their conversation and Vaishnavi got offended. She requested him not to speak like that. Ponnambalam replied that it was her mistake to take it in a wrong way.
Sendrayan and Yashika had some fun as they confessed love to each other.

Vaishnavi discussed with Janani about her idea to move her bed into the women’s rest room. Vaishnavi also mentioned about her discussion with Ponnambalam.
Later, Vaishnavi also informed Daniel, Mahat and Ramya about her conversation with Ponnambalam. Sendrayan conveyed the words uttered by Ponnambalam to Nithya, Bhalajie and Janani.

Janani read out the announcement from Bigg Boss about the next task named Thittam pottu thirudura kottam, which means the gang which is involved in robbery. This is the luxury budget task for the week.
3 inmates namely, Mumtaz, Mahat and Sendrayan are members of the police team. 3 inmates namely, Aishwarya, Yashika and Daniel are members of the thieve’s team. The remaining 8 inmates were the common men.

In between, Mahat walked into the room and observes a strange reaction from Yashika. Mahat expressed his decision to go back home.
Mahat requested Bigg Boss to invite him to convey his message to go out of the house.

While Janani advised Mahat, he might be feeing guilty as Yashika was nominated by him.

Nithya and Bhalajie advised Ponnambalam to be cautious while talking to other housemates.
Ponnambalam directly called Vaishnavi and tried to sort out the issue once for all. Ponnambalam spoke about the previous incident involving Daniel.

As captain of the house, Ramya requested Daniel, Ponnambalam and other inmates to not use any foul words.
Ponnambalam asked, whether he should apologise to Vaishnavi.

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