After Tejaswi and Samrat, Bhanu and Amit enter the lover’s park on Thursday, followed by Roll Rida and Sunainaa. After them, Kaushal and Deepthi enter the park, followed by Tanish and Nandini. The four couples begin by confessing their feelings to each other. In a few minutes, a song plays in the background and they dance on it. The task continues and the wardens and security guard try to stop the couples in the house from meeting each other and they also try to search for gifts and love letters that they all shared.
Tejaswi then gathers the housemates on the occasion of her birthday to thank a few, apologise to a few and ask for a clean chit here on. She then explains to the housemates that she fell for Samrat’s maturity in the beginning. She also says that Samrat and she shared their real feelings in the lover’s park. She says Babu Gogineni is her favourite. She also apologises to Kaushal for speaking ill of him. She says it was because she felt negative vibes from him. She also clears the air with Shyamala and Nandini about the misunderstanding in the house so far.
Then Sai Dharam Tej and Anupama Parameswaran enter the Bigg Boss Telugu house to promote their upcoming movie, Tej I Love You. Tejaswi is ecstatic to see a friendly face, and so are Tanish and Samrat. Anupama sings a few lines from her film on housemates’ request.
Then, birthday cake for Tejaswi arrives and everyone celebrate her birthday in the garden area. The housemates are in a celebratory mood, which only peaks when Bigg Boss plays a song. After the celebration, Tej and Anupama leave the house and let the housemates continue their celebration.
Just before retiring, Tanish makes sure that Sunainaa has had food. He, in fact, feeds her food to make sure she eats. Tejaswi reads out the love letter from Samrat to everyone and it is ridden with spelling errors. This had the housemates roaring with laughter and the episode comes to an end.

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