In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, Nani made an entry amidst a performance to one of his hit numbers. He narrated a short story of a king and the price he paid for his mistakes. He promised to reveal the connection between the short story and the current episode towards the end.
Nani was seen watching the previous episode on his ‘Na Nee’ TV. Sunaina had a chat with Tanish. He said he is enjoying his stay and space in the jail. Sunaina admitted to enjoying his company. Nani wondered what’s cooking between them.

Tejaswi and Samrat were seen talking about someone (name not revealed) who shouted at them the previous night in the dark. They asked Ganesh but he couldn’t help them much. Nani smirked watching their equation.
Talking to Sunaina, Babu Gogineni stated that Roll Rida, the new captain of the house, unfairly named him for the jail punishment. He felt Roll Rida intentionally ignored Kaushal and Nandini. Sunaina tried to pacify him. Nani felt Babu was stuck between the young couple Tanish and Sunaina.
Roll Rida made a rather indolent Ganesh to broom the house. Nani felt he can be awarded the ‘best captain’ if he could make Ganesh work.
Bhanu asked Roll Rida to direct Geetha to do the dishes. Tejaswi said that Geetha is the laziest in the house followed by Nandini. Bhanu replied that she is still unable to figure out the nature of Geetha and Nandini. Tejaswi felt Nandini has double standards.
Kaushal and Deepthi were seen discussing about using the jail card that the former has. Deepthi spoke her mind out on this.
Bigg Boss announced that the jail punishment given to Tanish and Babu Gogineni has concluded. Tanisha and Babu were released and the housemates welcomed them. Bigg Boss gave Roll Rida, the captain of the house, an additional power to give any housemate, who violates the regulations of the house, the punishment of his choice.

Tanish met Samrat and Tejaswi and they acted weirdly pulling each other’s leg. Nani remarked that the trio started acting wild especially after he warned against group-ism in the house. After watching Roll Rida and Geetha having a weird conversation bidding each other good night, Nani quipped that he is now left with no choice but to believe that inmates can go mad after living for a while in the house.

Speaking to the housemates, Nani lauded their efforts in the sugarcane juice making task. Nani remarked that he did not expect Roll Rida to become the new captain. He added that audience had their bets upon Ganesh.
Nani revealed that they are happy with Amit’s captaincy. However, he opined that Amit’s new makeover (as an army personnel) could have helped him in his captaincy.
Nani explained the game of the night. According to the task, each housemate had to indirectly and creatively describe the contestant named in the envelope given to them, beating a tape drum given to them.

When Amit tried to avoid volunteering, Nani picked him first. Amit indirectly spoke about Deepthi Nallamothu and teammates guessed it right.
Nani asked about Roll Rida’s learnings as a captain and his reasons behind jailing Babu and Tanish. Roll Rida then spoke about Babu Gogineni. Bhanu described Kaushal. Appreciating Bhanu for her performance as a chancellor, Nani opined that she lost her balance of thought in the previous episodes. He further questioned her love/hate equation with Kaushal. Bhanu tried to justify her acts.
Nani asked housemates to live without premeditated notions. Geetha Madhuri spoke about Tejaswi. Nani pointed out Geetha’s mistake - discussing about nominations with co-inmates. On this note, Nani opined that the housemates are immersed in strategies failing to understand that they must co-exist in the house. Nani underlined Geetha’s contrast in her performance as a chancellor and as teammate (where she cheated). Nani expressed his curiosity over Nandini’s strategy in the house. He further pointed out at her repeated failures in talking in Telugu. She later spoke indirectly about Bhanu. Nani digged into Syamala’s ‘lassi protest’ and her strategy in the previous task. Syamala spoke about Tanish.
Nani felt Deepthi was much dynamic in the previous week than she is now. After giving her reasons, Deepthi spoke about Nandini.

Talking to Tejaswi, Nani underlined that her way of expression is indeed a problem that she needs to work on. Tejaswi then spoke about Samrat. Nani taunted her to talk about her equation with Samrat but she smartly chose to ignore it.
Nani grilled Sunaina about her low performance and equation with Tanish, to which she gave random answers. She further spoke about Ganesh.
Babu Gogineni justified all his strategies in the sugarcane juice making task and acts in the jail. He further spoke indirectly about Sunaina.
After a pinch of suspense, Nani announced that Bhanu is in the protected zone.
Nani appreciated Ganesh’s efforts and participation in the tasks. Ganesh spoke about Syamala.
Talking to Kaushal, Nani appreciated the drastic change in his behaviour especially with regard to mingling with housemates. On this note, he emphasized that the housemates have the power to change anyone. Kaushal indirectly spoke about Kireeti. 
Nani taunted Samrat the way he did Tejaswi. Samrat later spoke about Amit.
Nani further asked Kireeti about his low confidence. Kireeti tried to justify. Nani clarified that the audiences have a better view and understanding of the game than he (Kireeti) does. Kireeti spoke about Roll Rida.
Tanish was asked about his unpredictable behaviour in the house. Tanish later spoke about Geetha Madhuri.
Nani further announced that Tejaswi is in protected zone. He asked the housemates to drink the sugarcane juice that they made.

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