In the upcoming episode of StarPlus' most popular cum evergreen serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, viewers will see some interesting twist as Param and Simmi's untold crime get exposed and Raman-Ishita get shocked.

So far we have seen that Ishita and Raman decides to reach Raghav's family to secure them before Param Simmi reach them.

Ishita and Raman are aware that Raghav's daughter is the strong evidence in Tanya's murder case as she has seen Parmeet.
Unfortunately, Ishita and Raman gets a bit late where Param and Simmi manages to grab Raghav's daughter.

Param feeds rat poison to Raghav's daughter where she faints at the same time Raman and Ishita comes to know about Param-Simmi's untold crimes.

Ishita-Raman might save the kid ending Param Simmi's chapter forever

It will be interesting to see whether Ishita and Raman will be able to end Simmi and Param's chapter and save Raghav's daughter or not.
Stay tuned for more updates of Yeh Hai  Mohabbatein.

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