Sahil’s mum says what’s special in Anika that Shivaye is running after her, he doesn’t love her, he will have just fun with Anika, he will marry someone who has a family, name and money, he will keep Anika as his mistress. Gauri says shut up, if you say another word against Anika, you won’t be able to speak. Sahil’s mum says everyone is talking about Anika. She taunts more. Gauri calls Anika and cries. Sahil’s mum says she didn’t answer your call, she would be busy with her lover. Gauri says where are you Di…

Anika runs. Shivaye comes in front and holds her. She gets scared. She says I won’t marry you. He says fine, I will tell everything to Gauri. He calls Gauri and says meet me near the chowk. Gauri asks who are you. He says just come here if you wish good for your sister.
Gauri gets shocked. Sahil’s mum says what happened now, where are you going. Gauri goes. Sahil’s mum says even she has run away now. Shivaye says your sister is coming to hear her life’s painful truth. Anika says no. He says you have to marry me. She says how can you decide such a thing of your life this way, I did that for Priyanka’s good. He says you have made Priyanka suffer, I will do the same with your sister. She cries. Gauri reaches there and calls out Anika. He says your sister….
Anika sees Gauri. She says don’t do this, please. Anika says don’t tell anything to Gauri, I beg of you. He says you have to make the decision, marry me or watch your sister’s life getting ruined.  Gauri calls him. He asks shall I tell Gauri, I think you don’t love Gauri, I can take the call. Anika says I m ready to marry you. She falls in his feet. He asks pandit ji to start the rituals.  Gauri sees the temple. She says maybe someine is getting married, Anika… no, it can’t be Anika. Pandit says puja got completed, you have to get up for the pheras. Gauri calls again. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and pulls her. Mangalam….plays….. She stops. He lifts Anika in arms and takes the rounds. Gauri says he called me here and now he isn’t answering, what shall I do. She says I shouldn’t waste more time now, I have to find Anika. Pandit says now make the bride wear mangalsutra.
Gauri comes to Oberoi mansion and says I have to talk to Shivaye, call him. Maid says he isn’t at home. Om asks what happened, is everything fine. Gauri says call your brother, ask him where is my sister. He asks is Anika with Shivaye. She says yes, he forcibly took her from her marriage mandap. He asks what. She says he broke her marriage, you think you rich people can do anything with poor people, if anything happens to Anika, I won’t leave him. He says he is not at home, I m trying to call him. She says what shall I do. He says I will inform you, its late, go home, maybe Anika has gone home and you are finding her here, give me your number. She cries and feeds her number in his phone. She leaves. Shivaye makes Anika wear mangalsutra and fills sindoor.

Pandit says marriage is completed, you both are husband and wife from now. Anika sees her sindoor. He asks them to exchange garlands. Shivaye makes her wear garlands and throws money on pandit. He says that’s your fees. Pandit says its much. Shivaye goes. Anika runs after him and stops. He asks why are you following me. She says no, I m going with you. He asks why. She says I m your wife now. He says who said this. She says we just got married. He asks when. She says just now. He asks is there any witness. She says pandit ji is a witness, he just got us married. She asks pandit ji to testify that they are married. She says tell my husband that I m his wife. Pandit ji says its your personal matter, don’t drag me in this. He goes.
She asks why are you doing this with me, you broke my marriage and then you forcefully married me, why are you denying marriage now. He says you like to play games, I thought to see how much fun you get. She says you made a big mistake because of one misunderstanding, I have not got married alone, you also got married, Lord is the witness that you married me, that fire is the witness around which you took seven rounds with me, you have married me with all the rituals, you have vowed to be with me forever, you have applied this sindoor, this is an evidence that you are my mangalsutra, this mangalsutra is the biggest evidence, how will you deny this, tell me. He breaks her mangalsutra. He says now the biggest evidence of our marriage got erased.

She picks the black beads from the floor. She says you can’t deny this relation by breaking this mangalsutra, you can deny it in front of me and the world, how can deny it to your heart, your heart will always testify that you married me. He says its not a marriage, its revenge, for what you did to my sister, you broke Priyanka’s marriage, you didn’t let her become Suhaagan, you won’t become Suhaagan, no one will believe your marriage, because I won’t accept this, I won’t give you wife’s status, you will shout that you are my wife, but no one will believe it, as there is no witness for this, you will be known as Shivaye’s mistress. She gets shocked.
Sahil’s mum asks how did you get this sindoor in your maang. Anika says I got married. Gauri gets shocked. Om asks is this true. Shivaye says that girl doesn’t matter to me, I don’t want to talk. Sahil’s mum asks whom did you marry. Anika says Shivaye.

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