Ishqbaaz: Dadi's huge demand to Shivaay recreates Anika Grah Pravesh in Oberoi Mansion
It seems that the Universe will soon unite Shivaay and Anika in the most popular daily TV Serial Ishqbaaz.

Shivaay and Anika are currently having mixed feelings for each other that a tragedy strikes Priyanka.

Priyanka suffers allergy attack while Anika rushes to save Priyanka.

Shivaay and Dadi will take care of Priyanka after Doctor will reveal that Priyanka got an allergic attack.
Shivaay will once again hold Anika responsible for Priyanka condition while Priyanka will clear off his misunderstandings.

Priyanka wants to thank Anika and asks Shivaay to bring Anika back to Oberoi Mansion but as Shivaay ousted Anika from the house, he refuses to bring her back.

Shivaay stubborn to avoid Anika
Dadi then orders Shivaay to bring Anika to Oberoi Mansion as Priyanka wants to meet her, Shivaay is stubborn that he will not let her come in Oberoi Mansion.

Let see how Shivaay will accept Anika for Dadi and Priyanka's wish and will bring Anika back to Oberoi Mansion.
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