The Episode starts with Kiara coming to King and Pragya and tells that she fell down from her bed. Pragya says she must be jumping on bed. Kiara says yes. Pragya says she will make her sleep. King thinks this happiness is due to Abhi as he saved Pragya. Abhi comes back home after discharge from hospital. He feels pain. Sunny asks what happened. Abhi says he felt pain as iron man hugged him. Sunny hugs him lightly. Aaliya says she will be back. Sunny gets emotional. Abhi asks why are you crying? Sunny says everyone left to see you leaving me alone with Robbin. Abhi says hospital is not a good place. He asks Abhi to warn everyone not to stop him from meeting him. Abhi announces that nobody shall stop Sunny from meeting me. Abhi asks Purab to say sorry to him for not bringing Sunny there. Purab says sorry.
Sunny asks him to be polite and hold his ears. Purab holds his ears and says sorry. Disha asks Abhi to take rest. Sunny says Kiara called and want to thank you for saving her mum. Abhi asks how is she? Sunny says she was worried about you. Purab thinks to question Abhi for risking his life and not thinking about family.
Tanu comes to Aaliya and asks if Sunny is the reason for your upset mood. Aaliya says she likes Sunny as he is sweet and says she didn’t want to sit there and that’s why came there. She says if Pragya had come there, or it was just his thought. Tanu says Abhi hates her. Aaliya says you shall never trust people in love and tells that his heart will never hate her. She asks if she is with her in this mission. Tanu says yes. Aaliya says you shall not argue again. Tanu thinks she will not let Pragya come again.
Pragya asks Kiara to sleep and asks about Rocky. Kiara says it fell when she fell down. Sunny calls Pragya and tells that he came to call Kiara to inform about chucks. Pragya asks what happened to him. Kiara says he was the one who saved…then stops. King calls Pragya. Pragya goes. Sunny tells Kiara that Abhi is fine and back home. Kiara says she will come tomorrow and meet him. Tanu thinks to make Kiara scared by snake. Purab makes Abhi relax on his bed and asks him to rest. Abhi says he doesn’t like much AC. Purab asks him to rest. Abhi asks why is he upset? They have a pillow fight. Purab gets emotional and tells that if something happens to you, then you know what I feel. He says if something happens to you then I will have nothing. Abhi asks are you scaring me? He tells that it is not my mistake to reach hospital. 
Purab asks why did you risk your life? Abhi thinks about Pragya. Purab asks him not to keep his life in danger. Sunny comes there and says Kiara is coming to meet you tomorrow. Abhi says ok and asks Sunny to ask Purab to go. Purab says I will go. Abhi says I love you bro. Purab says I love you too. Sunny says I love you both.
Disha serves food to everyone. Mitali comes and asks if her courier came. Disha says yes. Purab comes and asks Disha to give Abhi’s food in his room. Tanu says she will serve from the table. Disha says she made something special for him. Mitali shows the dresses which she bought online. Tai ji thinks to steal two of them and tells that she will help her in selection. Disha gives food tray to Purab. Purab smiles. Aaliya takes tray from his hand and comes to Abhi. Aaliya asks what Sunny is doing here? Abhi sees paratha and praises Disha. She asks why is he sleeping here? Abhi says he got sleepy and slept here. He tells that Purab and Disha are lucky to have him and says he is the combination of both. Aaliya gets upset. Purab comes to Disha and asks if she felt bad as Aaliya’s hand touched his hand while taking tray. Disha asks if he will give explanation and tells that he doesn’t need to give agni pariksha. Purab gets relieved. He gets a call, but network goes. He comes downstairs. Taya ji asks if he talked to Mehta and company. Purab says I went there, but forgot to tell you. Purab gets a call from estate agent and he asks him to come and see the house. Purab says he will come with his wife at 2 pm. He turns and sees Abhi hearing him.

Abhi packs his bags and tells everyone that he is leaving the house with Purab, Disha and Sunny. Everyone is shocked.

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