The Episode starts with Kiara showing Pragya’s pic to Abhi. Abhi sees some other woman and thinks she is her mum. He promises to bring her mum. Constable comes and introduces himself, says I had picked your call. Abhi asks him to be serious next time. He goes to the Inspector. Inspector says you will get it and asks do you know how to use gun? Abhi asks are you mad and tell that the robbers have kept everyone captive including Pragya and tell that they are psycho and will kill if I take gun inside. Inspector says they will kill everyone after the robbery and leave in the helicopter. He says if everyone dies, then your Pragya will die too. Abhi says you mean that they will rob and then they will kill everyone. Inspector says they will take you with them in the helicopter and says that’s why they will not kill you first. They are not wearing mask and that’s why they will kill everyone. Abhi says they will check me once I go inside. Inspector says we are sending food to a diabetic patient and will send gun with it. Abhi agrees. Constable says you will become a hero.
Inspector says commandoes are also coming. King tells Kiara that he talked to the Inspector and he said that commandoes are coming and will rescue her mum. Kiara says rockstar also assured her. King asks where is he? Kiara says he was here.
Inspector talks to the boss and tells that he is sending food and medicine for the diabetic patient. Abhi sees bank employee. Inspector says he was locked in the car. Boss asks the old lady if she is diabetic. She says yes. Boss asks Inspector to send food and medicine with Abhi. Aaliya and Tanu come to the CCTV room and ask where is Abhi? Operator says he came to get keys for Pragya. Aaliya gets angry. Boss tells Pragya that Abhi is mad for her even after marriage. Tanu tells that she is his wife and not Pragya. The operator looks at her. 
Boss asks his men to shoot Abhi if he acts smart. Abhi comes inside. Boss tells him that his man Ronnie is like a Robert for him and will kill anyone on his saying. He asks Vikrant to get the keys from Abhi. Abhi gives him keys and asks him to let everyone go. Boss asks Ronnie to check what is sent in food items. Ronnie checks and says it is Poha in one box, dahi in other and say there is nothing in the third box. Boss and his team aim gun at Abhi. Boss suspects Abhi to have brought the gun. Abhi says I didn’t get the gun being afraid about my wife. He asks his men to keep eye on them and goes to open the locker. Pragya tells that she will give food to an old lady. Goon is under the tray. Abhi asks Pragya how did they come to know about the gun? Pragya says one guy who is standing out informed them. Abhi sees seeing the staff member outside. Boss, robbers and the lady robber open the locker and get happy. Boss calls the helicopter guy and asks him to get it fast. He calls the bank employee and tells that he will send his share to his farmhouse. Bank employee smiles.
Abhi tries to get the gun from beneath the tray. He says I am practicing to make music. Pragya smiles. She says we all will sing with you. She says she remembered old joke and laughs. She asks everyone to laugh. Everyone starts laughing. Abhi manages to keep the gun in his pocket. Robber asks them to keep quiet. Boss calls his man to bring Abhi to him and kill everyone. They hear firing sound and think goon killed everyone. Abhi asks Pragya to take everyone and leave. Pragya and others try to leave, just then they see robbers coming there.
Abhi is about to come to Pragya, when King comes and hugs her. Pragya and Abhi get emotional looking at each other.

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