Mr. Harshvardhan Hooda is Yash Pooja's real Murderer Shocking Reason of murder Revealed in Bepanah
Colors daily soap opera Bepanah is finally up to unfold Yash and Pooja's murder mystery.

Pooja learns about her pregnancy where she reveals to Yash that she is pregnant with Aditya's baby while Yash accepts Aditya's child.

But before they could continue their love story, and divorce their spouses, they were ruthlessly murdered and framed as a suicide.
In the upcoming series, Sakshi will unfold Yash and Pooja's murder truth to Aditya and Zoya.

Aditya and Zoya will overcome Yash and Pooja's memories and will promise to begin a new life, as Zoya and Aditya will part ways for their new destination, Sakshi will make her shocking entry and will unfold Yash and Pooja's murder mystery shocking the duo.

Mr. Harshvardhan Hooda cryptic truth
Sakshi will reveal to Aditya and Zoya that Yash and Pooja didn't commit suicide but they were murdered,

After knowing the pregnancy news, Pooja returned to Aditya but Yash and Pooja were murdered before they would start a new life.
Aditya is wreck hell shock after he learns that he lost his child while Zoya is broken that snatched her love and killed him for no reason.

Aditya and Zoya will kick their mission to catch Yash and Pooja's real murderer while their hunt will come to end at Mr. Harshvardhan Hooda.

Shockingly, none other than Mr. Hooda is the only one who plotted Yash and Pooja's murder and the reason will also be soon get revealed.

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