Piya Albela: Naren's (Akshay Mhatre) overconfident victory party, Pooja (Sheen Dass) comes with secret mission 
The upcoming episode of Zee TV's popular daily soap Piya Albela is gearing up for some interesting twist and turn.

Naren and Pooja are having their political war off where Naren gets too confident over his victory.

Naren thus gets too confident that he is going to win this elections and organise party and asks Pooja to come.
Pooja and Naren's new syappa
Pooja agrees and promises Naren that she will come and dance on his victory and Pooja completes her promise.

Pooja comes and makes Naren wear garland while Pooja's main aim was to protect Naren and find the real culprit Angraaj who is planning to kill Naren.

Will Pooja be able to save Naren and expose Angraaj, stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes

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