Shivaay Anika unknowingly fall prey to Omkara Rudra's big fat plan in Ishqbaaz
Star Plus one of the most popular TV Serial Ishqbaaz is up to unveil another high voltage twist in the storyline.

Shivaay and Tia's wedding is on the head while Shivaay is coming closer to Anika,

Meanwhile, Omkara and Rudra hatch their master plan to test Shivaay's feelings for Anika that they spike his water and make him drink but unfortunately Shivaay too makes Anika drink the water.
Omkara and Rudra's plan create huge syappa when Anika faints and Shivaay locks her in cupboard to avoid OmRu.

But who knew that OmRu will smartly catch his lie.

Shivaay confess love for Anika
Shivaay gets nervous and ignores OmRu while smart OmRu smartly trap Shivaay in his own words and make him vomit his feelings for Anika.
Will Anika hear Shivaay's adorable confession for her?

It would be really interesting to watch what will happen next in the show.

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