The Episode starts with Amma praying. Pihu comes and asks how is Roshni, Aaliya said Roshni is taken to hospital. Amma says everyone is there to take care of Roshni, baby is excited to meet Pihu. Aaliya says yes, we have to pack everything, we may need to go hospital any time. Mrs. Bhalla says what’s this problem. Mr. Bhalla says I don’t understand. Ishita says child and mother are imp, we can’t choose one, we have to save both. Mrs. Bhalla says doctor said we can just save one, lets save Adi’s child. Aaliya says I got all the things for baby. Pihu says plastic usage is banned, plastic waste doesn’t get recycled, its very harmful, fishes eat plastic and die by choking, we shouldn’t use any plastic, we have to choose one, planet or plastic. Amma says sorry, we know its dangerous and we shouldn’t use it, but it has become a habit, we don’t forget it now. Aaliya says we will never use plastic bags, sorry. Pihu says good.
Mr. Bhalla says how can we forget Roshni, I agree the child is imp, but Roshni’s life is also imp, we can’t be that selfish. Mrs. Bhalla says Roshni and baby mean a lot to us. Raman says we will save both of them. Nurse says Roshni wants to talk to you, she is in pre-operative care. Raman and Ishita go to meet Roshni. Roshni says Ishimaa, listen to me, I want to tell something, I know you both love my child, save my baby, if anything happens to baby, I can’t live. Raman says we will save both of you. Roshni says promise you will save the baby. Ruhi says Dadi has sent Mata rani chunri. Doctor allows them. Ishita ties the chunri. She says you both will come home safe, don’t worry. Doctor says we have less time, vacate this room, go out. Raman, Ishita and Ruhi go.

Mrs. Bhalla says I chose the baby and did wrong, Lord save Roshni. Raman consoles her. Ishita goes to pray and thinks of Adi’s death. She worries seeing the diya. She says is this the punishment of my mistakes, please don’t punish them, save them. Roshni gets treated. Ishita holds the flickering diya. Raman comes there and saves the diya flame. 
He says Lord will save both of them. She says I have belief in Lord. Deva shree ganesha…..plays…. Roshni delivers the baby. Doctor comes out. Everyone asks what happened. Doctor says congrats, its a boy. Mrs. Bhalla says I knew this, its my Adi. Ishita asks how is Roshni. Doctor says she is fine, don’t worry, Ishita you said right, Roshni is a fighter, she kept fighting just for the sake of her child, congrats. Ishita hugs Ruhi.

Ruhi and Mihika blow some balloons. Romi calls Mihika. She says Roshni gave birth to a boy, he is cute, we feel like Adi has come back, come home soon, we miss you, love you too. Mr. Bhalla asks her to help Raman. Raman gives sweets to nurses. They congratulate him. He gives sweets to doctor. Mr. Bhalla says Raman has distributed sweets the same way when Adi was born, I m finding him happy after a long time, happiness has returned in our loves. Raman asks Mihika where is Ishita. She says she went to temple. He gives some sweet boxes to her. Mr. Bhalla says I m your dad, I also got sweets. Ishita says thanks for saving both of them. Raman gets sweets for her. He says I was thinking to help a woman here, she has no money but wants to get her baby in this world. Ishita says you always do good. Raman gives sweets to nurse and gets in the room. Ishita signs him to see baby.
Roshni wakes up. Ishita takes the baby and says so pretty, he is so beautiful. She says baby is like you, you have brought our Adi back, thanks. Raman says I will click a pic. He clicks pic and smiles. Ishita gives baby to Roshni. Raman clicks another pic. Ishita asks Raman to take baby in arms. Raman asks why is he crying. Ishita says because you are Raavan Kumar. Nurse asks Raman to go, the sweets got over. He goes. Ishita gives baby to Roshni. She says you will be able to handle baby well, I will come to help. She goes out. Roshni thinks I want this, you will be there when I won’t be here for my baby.
Pihu asks everyone to welcome baby Bhalla. Roshni gives baby to Aaliya and says I m having some pain. Aaliya holds the baby in arms. Mrs. Bhalla does the aarti.

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