The Episode starts with Ishita scolding the men. She says one day, you will ask your children to come to our baby and learn, note my words, you can’t call our baby illegitimate, you deserve no respect. Raman asks them not to shamelessly hear insult and just leave. Parmeet and Simmi also leave. Raman asks pandit ji to start the rituals. Mihika takes baby in arms. Pihu says we all wrote options in chit, Roshni will select it. Roshni says I didn’t select the chit, I aready thought of the name, his name will be Aditya Bhalla. They all smile. Ishita and everyone say we all wrote this name, you thought the same. Ruhi plays music and dances. Everyone dances with her on Zinghat…. Ishita takes Raman for the dance. Roshni goes to her baby. She says Adi, you will be with family now, I always wanted 
this. She goes and hugs everyone, while dancing with them. She sadly goes. Mihika stops her and asks where are you going. Roshni says I had to use washroom, go and enjoy. Roshni goes to room and thinks of Adi and her moments. She cries thinking of his death.
She thinks of Raman and Ishita. She says whatever I decided, its time to do it. She takes baby’s pic and says forgive your mum, you know why I m doing this, I m sorry. She cries. She takes her bag and goes out. She sees the house and says I will never come back here, but I m happy that my Adi will always be here, with his family. She leaves. Adi’s pic is seen. Raman says food was superb. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, these foolish neighbors didn’t had the food in their fate. Ruhi asks what will we do of personalized gifts. Amma says we will distribute it in orphanage. Mihika says Adi is crying and takes him. Mihika says Roshni told me that she is going to rest.
Ishita says she didn’t had good sleep. I will go. Mihika says I will see. She goes to Roshni’s room. She says Roshni isn’t there. Everyone looks for her. Ishita looks for Roshni and gets a letter. Roshni writes, forgive me, the society can’t accept my child, matter will go worse if I stay here, I don’t want this stain on Adi, since I came in this house, you have accepted me, 
but its injustice with Aaliya, I have seen your worry for Aaliya, Aaliya accepted me well, but now your Adi has returned to you, take care of him, he doesn’t need me now, it will be better that I leave from here, I want you and Raman to become Adi’s parents, you can give him good values, you are very strong, I m not strong like you. Raman comes and asks what happened.

Ishita shows him the letter. He reads….I know you will give him all the deserved happiness, I want my Adi to call you Ishimaa and Raman uncle as dad, I have signed all legal papers and kept in drawer, Adi is your son from now on. Everyone looks on shocked. Ishita says she left a little baby, she can’t leave us, we will find her Raman, I m sure she will try to leave the city. Mr. Bhalla asks is she going to London. Raman says we will go to airport. Aaliya says I will come along. Mihika says Roshni left her phone here. Kiran says imagine Bala, she was here, we didn’t know she is planning this. Man says we got this gift there. Bala says its from Roshni’s side for Raman. Raman, Ishita and Aaliya are on the way. Ishita says I feel bad for Adi, he needs his mum, Aaliya check for flight timings on appa. They come home. Ruhi asks where is Roshni. Raman says its because of me, I told Roshni to hand over baby to us and go to London, she is gone. Ishita says situation is different now, don’t blame yourself. Bala says check this once, its Roshni’s gift for you. Raman takes the gift.
Ishita reads Roshni’s letter…. Raman uncle, I need your promise that you will fill Adi’s life with happiness. Raman says I can’t face the baby, I couldn’t stop Roshni. Ishita says Roshni believes that we will take care of him.

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