The Episode starts with Ishita applying brakes. Shantanu gets down the other car and comes to them. Ishita recalls Shantanu. Roshni and Ishita get surprised. He sees Roshni and says congrats. They come home. He says I m glad to meet you, I don’t know what happened after I left. Raman comes and asks Ishita how can she be so irresponsible, is this the way you take care of her, who are you. Shantanu says you may have forgot I m Shantanu, Roshni’s ex- fiance. Raman asks guards to make him out. Ishita says leave him, he is our guest, who are you to make him out. Raman goes. She says sorry Shantanu, please sit.
Shantanu says so much happened in last 8 months, aren’t you guys together now. She says Raman has filed custody case, I can lose the case, as Raman is much stable financially, I don’t
want to lose the case. He says I can help you if you say, my friend is a lawyer, I will take advice from him and tell you how you can win this case.
Its morning, Raman comes to court. He sees Roshni and asks are you fine. She says yes. He goes to meet lawyer. Shantanu comes and says I had to come as I promised, I know what I have to say, just trust me. Ruhi asks Raman what’s Shantanu doing here. Raman asks Ishita what’s this new drama. She says Shantanu saw your behavior and felt we need him here. Raman gets beaten. Ishita’s lawyer calls Shantanu in witness box. Raman’s lawyer asks what’s the meaning to get a new witness, its a waste of time. Judge allows Shantanu.
Shantanu swears to say the truth. He says I m Shantanu Singh, I live in US, I came here knowing about this case, I m shocked, how can anyone do this. Raman’s lawyer says Shantanu has nothing to do with this case. Shantanu says the child for whom this custody case is going on is not Adi’s child, its my child, I m the father of this child, its my and Roshni’s child. Everyone gets shocked. Raman says he is saying nonsense, he is lying, its Adi’s child. Judge asks Raman to be seated, else he will be punished for contempt of court. She asks Shantanu not to lie in the court.

Roshni asks Ishita did she know this. Ishita says no. Lawyer asks for 15 mins break. Ishita asks Shantanu what did he say. Raman says I didn’t know you will fall so low. Shantanu says relax, you can’t talk to her this way, she is not at fault, she should file case on you, Roshni is in final term and you got her to the court. Raman scolds him and goes. Ruhi asks what was all this Ishimaa.. They go. Ishita says I need to talk to you, come. She sends the lawyer and guards out. She says Shantanu, I want to talk to you, are you mad, what have you testified in court, look at Roshni, she is hurt, you have let her down, you men just don’t understand anything, you had come to help us, is this your help, you have lied, you could have discussed this with me.
Shantanu says calm down, if I didn’t lie, Raman would have separated Roshni and her child, what’s wrong if my lie can help us get the custody, I m sorry. Roshni says sorry, we won’t fight the case on the basis of a lie. He says I will tell the truth if you think I did wrong, Raman’s case will get strong, you can’t do anything, it will be proven that you can’t manage this baby, its all in your hands, do everything as you feel right. Roshni says he is right, I think we will have to support his lie, we have no other way. Lawyer says break is over, so what have you decided. Roshni says I don’t want to lose my baby, we have to support his lie.

Shantanu tells the judge that he was going to marry Roshni, but Adi kidnapped her that day. He says Roshni’s image got spoiled in front of his family, I decided not to meet her, she called me and told that she is pregnant with my child, I was happy and decided to get married, I couldn’t come back for some work, I came back knowing about this case, I want to marry Roshni and give name to my child, why are they calling my child as Adi’s child, this case is baseless, how can they ask for custody. Raman says he is lying. Judge warns him. Raman’s lawyer asks for a day’s time. The judge says we will continue the proceedings tomorrow, the court is adjourned.
Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Adi’s baby….. what has happened. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to lose courage. Raman worries. Simmi says I can think of one solution, we can prove its Adi’s child by DNA test, it will be all clear, if its Adi’s child, Roshni has to give us the child, if its Shantanu’s child, we don’t have to care. Raman says we will get the DNA test done. She says my friend is gynac, we can get it done there. He says I will manage everything. He calls out dad and says I decided to get DNA test done, Ishita wants to prove that its Shantanu’s child, we can prove its Adi’s child. Ruhi says you have to get Roshni’s permission.

Raman says I will manage all formalities, Ishita shouldn’t know about it. He goes. Ruhi says I hope things don’t get worse. Mr. Bhalla says don’t worry, he will do everything after having a second though. Ishita says this is such a big blunder, Raman won’t take this lightly, don’t know what will he do. Raman tells his plan. Mr. Bhalla asks do you think Roshni will agree for DNA test, how will Ishita let this happen. Raman says you have to help me. Shweta calls Ishita and says I m talking from bank, can you come now and sign on documents, we have to finish paper work today. Ishita asks why didn’t you check first, you are bothering now. Roshni and Shantanu ask her to go. Roshni thanks Shantanu and asks him to go home. Ishita says I m afraid of Raman, don’t know what will he do.
Raman says I m not punishing, I m just accumulating evidence to prove that its Adi’s child. She says yes, its Adi’s child, I don’t know where is she. He says go and see yourself. She sees Roshni….

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