The Episode starts with Simmi saying I won’t let Adi’s child come in this house, never. Roshni answers the call and thinks its Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita, I met with an accident, I m in city hospital, come fast, Raman isn’t answering me. Roshni gets shocked and says I m coming. Mr. Bhalla says Roshni believed me. Raman says we shall also leave. Ishita comes to bank. Guard says its a holiday, bank is closed. She checks the number and calls. Shweta answers and says Bhalla industries…. Ishita says Shweta, you were the one who called me, I couldn’t recognize your voice that time. Shweta says no, actually…. She disconnects. Ishita says this is strange, why did Shweta call me here. She gets Simmi’s call. Simmi asks where are you. Ishita asks why do you care. Simmi says I have an imp news for you. Ishita gets shocked.
Roshni comes to hospital and asks for Mr. Bhalla. Ishita calls Roshni. Roshni says thank God you called, Mr. Bhalla met with an accident. Ishita asks where are you. Nurse drops Roshni’s phone and takes her. Ishita says just leave, that’s a trap, they called you there for DNA test. She calls again and rushes. Roshni says I couldn’t talk to Ishita, she will come, I will see Mr. Bhalla. She sees Raman and Mr. Bhalla. She says you are fine, then why did you call. Raman says we called you here for DNA test. She asks what, I don’t want any DNA test to be done, how can you call me by cheating. He says I have court orders, we have all the right to get the DNA test done, its your wish now. She says I would like to call Ishimaa first. He says you can’t call anybody, its a protocol. Mr. bhalla says nobody is going to harm you, we will drop you home, get the test done. Raman says decision is yours.
Ishita comes there and asks Raman where is Roshni. She says you tricked her for DNA test. He says she is inside, her DNA test is getting done, I want a proof that its Adi’s child. She asks are you mad, its wrong. She says I have orders from court and Roshni’s consent, its happening in a legal way. She says you can’t do this, just let me go, this can be harmful for child, its an invasive procedure, Roshni is 8 months pregnant. He says this is happening because of you, you kept quiet when Shantanu claimed that this is his child, I have no way to prove that its Adi’s child. She says I did mistake, don’t punish Roshni. He says no, I m just accumulating proof. She says I will tell you, its Adi’s child, Shantanu lied, we didn’t know, don’t punish Roshni and her child. He asks do you think I will let anything happen to them, go and see. She goes. He gets the recording in phone. Ishita sees Roshni with Ruhi. Raman asks do you think I can put Roshni and child in danger, I just did that to make you admit the truth, I didn’t have court orders or Roshni’s consent, now I have the proof with me, your confession. He asks Simmi to come in.
He says Simmi helped me, I knew that Simmi will tell this to Ishita, as I said none should tell this to Ishita, with the help of Simmi and Ishita’s confession, I got a proof that its Adi;s child, thanks both of you. Ishita sees Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla says I m sure we will win, nobody can stop Adi’s child from living with us. She asks Mihika to bring all the things that the baby needs, decorate the room well. Ishita drops a glass and says sorry, I didn’t see. Roshni says its my fault, I didn’t hold it right. Ishita cleans the glass. She says I should have not agreed to Shantanu, lying is wrong, I can see how I ruined everything, sit here, I will bring a cloth. She goes. Roshni says why did Raman do this, they both want child’s betterment, still they are standing against each other. Ruhi asks Raman is he not hurt that Ishita lost the case. He says yes, I m happy that we will the case, what can I do, Ishita invited trouble for herself.

Its morning, Ishita makes Roshni sit and says I will get some drink for you. She sees Raman. Lawyer asks won’t Shantanu come to court today. Ishita says he lied yesterday, I don’t want to win case by lying. Lawyer says we will lose the case. Ishita says I know, sorry, I m going to tell truth to the judge. Raman and Ishita say we want to say something. Judge asks Raman to come in witness box and say, then Ishita will be given a chance to speak. Raman says Shantanu told the court that its his baby, its a lie, its Adi’s child, Ishita accepted it, I have proof.
He shows the video recording. Judge sees it. Ishita asks for a chance to speak. She says Shantanu lied to help me, I wanted to win this case, I didn’t know he will lie, I had nothing to do with it, when he lied, I didn’t wish to lose, sorry, I was doing it for Roshni’s safety, I feel Roshni and her baby will be safe in my house. Raman asks from where did Roshni get kidnapped. Lawyer says we have proof that Roshni and her baby can stay safe in Raman’s house. Raman says its Adi’s child, I don’t want anyone to call the child an orphan, I want the baby to live with our family, he will be financially secure. Ishita says I also want this, I want Roshni and her baby to stay together and safe, that can happen if they live with me. The judge asks them to get seated. She says its a strange case, the custody case is fought for the child who isn’t born yet, you may remember that Pihu’s custody case came to my court, I know you both are responsible parents, but I want Roshni to come and give her statement, the court’s decision depends on Roshni, she has a total right to say with whom she wants to live. Roshni goes to witness box.
Raman requests Roshni to return their happiness. Ishita looks on. Roshni says I have decided to give my child to Bhallas, only on one condition, that’s they should be ready to accept Ishita back in the family. Raman and Ishita get shocked.

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