The Episode starts with Ruhi thanking Roshni. Roshni asks why are you thanking me. Ruhi says I know you will bring Ishita and Raman together, they will surely unite for this child, they got together for my sake too, I m sure that history will repeat itself this time. Simmi talks to Parmeet on call. She says I don’t know what to do, Mani and Shagun are here, I think something big is going to happen, they will not accept Roshni, I will call you, take care.

Judge says discussion time is over, get the clients in. She asks Raman and Ishita what did they decide. Raman says we decided to stay together for the sake of baby’s future. Ishita says yes, I m ready to stay in Bhalla house as per Roshni’s wish, we both will look after the baby. 
Ruhi says I m so happy. Judge says I m glad, its really commendable that you have sorted your differences for the baby’s sake, Ishita will live in Bhalla house now. Ruhi hugs Ishita and says our family will become like before. Ishita sees Mani and goes after him. Mani asks what was all that. Ishita says I didn’t know anything. He says I helped you till now, I gave you a good lawyer, so that Roshni doesn’t go to Bhalla house, you ignored it and accepted her decision, thank God Aaliya isn’t here, else she would have got shattered, Raman has asked Aaliya about this and she agreed, but no one thought about her pain.
She asks him to listen. He asks how will she live with Bhalla house, she will be humiliated. She says so sorry, I tried my best, the case was slipping out of my hand, I can’t separate baby from family and Roshni, Roshni has kept this condition, sorry. He says you don’t deserve to be called Aaliya’s mum, you just have her pain, you snatched her husband and now this, we have no relations now. Ishita says please, I m sorry. Shagun comes and says I m worried for Aaliya, just make sure that you don’t hurt Aaliya. Mani asks Shagun to come. Ruhi says Pihu will get mad knowing this, she has kept many toys. Simmi says your plan to get an entry home got successful. Ishita goes. Raman says just pack your bags and call me, I will come and pick you. Ruhi says yes, call your landlord and say that you don’t need the house now, I m so excited. Raman says I will come and pick Roshni, so that its convenient for her.
Ishita goes home. She packs her bag. Roshni comes and apologizes. Ishita says I m worried for Aaliya, I m her culprit now. Roshni says its matter if few days, then I won’t be in front of her, I will stay in room and not face her. Ishita sees Adi’s pic and says he would be happy that we are taking his baby home. Mrs. Bhalla says we will make many dishes today. Neelu says all the preparations are done. Ruhi tells Pihu that Ishita and Roshni are coming home. She says you would be missing them, but concentrate on your spelling bee competition. Neelu and Simmi’s cook argue. Mihika stops them. Simmi comes and asks Neelu to leave. Mrs. Bhalla throws the utensil and scolds Simmi. Simmi goes with her cook. Ruhi hugs Mrs. Bhalla and says you are best grandman. Mihika says too good, I got a gift for Roshni. Romi and Aaliya come home and look on. Mihika asks how was your trip Romi, Roshni and Ishita are coming home, I got this gift for Roshni. He says I don’t want to see it.
Raman asks Aaliya how was the business trip. She says it was fine, Mani told me everything. He says I had no other option. She says its better not to talk about it again. He says thanks, I will always be there for you. He goes. Romi says I have work, I have to go. Mihika says you don’t even have time for me, Ishita and Roshni are coming home, please do it for me. He says you are giving your time to them, I don’t care for them, keep me away from this. Amma gets laddoos. Ishita and Roshni come home. Mrs. Bhalla feeds laddoo to Roshni. They get roshni inside. Ruhi stops Ishita. She asks Raman to stand with Ishita for grahpravesh. Simmi thinks their drama never ends. Raman says whatever. Ruhi does their aarti and grahpravesh. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays…. Ruhi welcomes Ishita. Raman holds Aaliya. Ruhi says I will take you to your and dad’s room. Ishita says I will stay in guest room. Ruhi says there is leakage by rains, you will just stay in your room, lets go. Raman looks on.
Ishita says its difficult for me as well, its matter of few days till Roshni’s delivery. Aaliya says I will snatch your baby as you snatched my Adi. Roshni gets shocked.

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