The Episode starts with Suwarna saying would you have done this with your biological mum, no, right? Kartik says just you are my mum, calm down, you will get unwell. She says you proved that I don’t matter to you, you secretly kept meeting Naira and still loved Naira, you didn’t tell me, everyone treated me like an outsider. He says relax, calm down. She says Naira and you want to stay together, fine, I won’t come in between. Doctor says I told you she doesn’t want to meet anyone. Suwarna says leave me Kartik, I don’t need anyone, not even you, go to Naira, stay happy with her. Kartik hugs her and says there is nothing between us, we just met, but there is nothing, we have a relation of a professor and student in the college, there won’t be anything between us, sorry to hide this. Naira looks on and cries. He says I will never go away, I will never cheat or hurt you. Kartik makes Suwarna sleep. Naira goes. She thinks of Kartik’s words.
Yeh rishta kya…..plays. Naitik asks why did you come back, did Kartik say anything. Naira says lets go Papa. They leave. Doctor treats Suwarna. Kartik leaves. He says I did a mistake, I shouldn’t hid the matter from mum, I have hurt a lot. He goes. Manish says mum, why is my son getting punished, I was trying to join relations, I didn’t know matter will get worse. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani pray. Bhabhimaa says its good nothing happened to Suwarna. Devyaani says don’t know how will this affect Naira, I m losing hope, Lord protect me. Kartik gets medicines. He thinks where is Naira, even Naitik isn’t here. Manish says she left with Naitik. Kartik says maybe they got tired. Naira thinks of Kartik’s words. Kartik comes and holds her.

She says I heard what you told mum. He says sorry, I can’t lose her. She says I can understand. He says I feel very guilty, she has done a lot for me, I can’t hurt her, but I think I have hurt you. She says I m fine, she has done a lot for you, nobody can do that, you should do all that for her, I m reason for her annoyance and accident, she came to college, maybe she has seen us, sorry. He says I m sorry, we can neither go back nor move ahead. She says we will have to do something, we can’t lead our lives like this. Kartik disappears. She looks around. Naira comes to Kartik. He says you felt bad, I know, what would you say if you were in my place, its difficult to understand and more difficult to explain, we are separated since two years, when we met… He wakes up by the door sound and looks for her. He says don’t know I told truth to mum or lie. Naira asks Akshara to support her. Naksh says Suwarna is better, Kirti is with Dadi there. Naitik says fine, have food and take food to the hospital. He goes.
Naksh asks Naira are you fine, no need to think of Surekha’s words. She says no, I want your help and support, I don’t know what to tell them, it won’t be right to involve others, they won’t understand, I know you will understand, I won’t be able to do this alone. He asks what do you want to do. She asks Lord to give her courage so that she can stick to her decision. Naksh calls Devyaani and says I need a favor. She asks but why do you need those papers. He says that’s the answer. She says try to convince her. He says no, she asked me to support, she must have thought well. She cries. Kirti says let me do it, if you had woken me up… Naitik says no, i didn’t wish to disturb you. Kirti says you cooked everything so early. Chitti says Naira cooked everything.

Kirti says even when so much happened yesterday. Naitik says you know Naira, its not wise to spoil one relation because of other. She says I wish everyone could understand this, if one relation could join all, it can break all relations too. Naitik asks Naira is she going to hospital, she doesn’t need to. Naira says I m going somewhere else, Naksh will drop me and go to give tiffin. Kirti says just Kartik would be there now. Naksh says Kartik and I will stay there. They leave. Naira comes to hospital and asks for Kartik. Nurse says he is in doctor’s cabin, he will come. Naira cries and asks Suwarna didn’t you forgive me, I didn’t do such big mistake. Just I know how I spent these two years, after losing Akshara, I considered you mum, I still love and respect you the same way like I used to do before, you have thrown me out of your life, you gave me hatred and ended everything, I understand Kartik, he got divided, what didn’t change till now should change.
Naira says we can just have one thing between us now, there won’t be any problem. Kartik checks the papers.

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