The Episode starts with Mohit asking everyone to talk to Dadi if she is coming. Devyaani says yes, we shall have a talk. Anmol says I just believe you, you handle everything. Naira says yes, don’t take tension. The man says Singh has sent the papers for you. Naira gets the papers and sees Kartik’s signs. Bhabhimaa says our hope is breaking, new relations are forming and old relations are breaking. She cries. Kirti says Naksh, just tell Naira to reconsider her decision once. He says no, sometimes we have to take own decisions, we should support her. Naira signs on the papers. She goes out and looks after some plants. Kartik and Dadi come. Kartik asks Dadi to go in. Dadi calls pandit. She says I don’t want to rush, if they ask you, tell them that there is no mahurat till next eight months. She goes. Naira hears this and says what was Dadi saying, was it about Mansi and Anmol, no even the relation didn’t fix till now.
Naira goes and slips on stairs. Kartik holds her. He goes ahead and slips on stair. Naira holds him. They have an eyelock. O morey saiyyan….plays…. She picks her phone. He says you go, I will come in later. She says I need to talk something imp. He says I don’t want to talk. She says its about Mansi and Anmol. He says we will talk inside. She says fine, I have signed the papers. He thanks her. She goes. Lav and Kush come to Manish and ask about Kartik and Naira’s divorce. Manish asks who told you. Lav and kush say we know everything, we are not kids now. Manish says there is still time, its too late, I can’t do anything now. Lav says we are leaving football coaching, as we lose always. Manish says you play well, you can play and win, don’t give up. Lav says even you are giving up in Kartik and Naira’s case. Manish gets thinking.

Rukmani says I have made this chunri for Mansi, you give us some good news now. Dadi says yes, but I spoke to pandit, he said there is no mahurat till next eight months for marriage. Rukmani says maybe he did some mistake, who checks mahurats these says, some marriages last and some don’t, like Kartik and Naira’s marriage didn’t last even when you tried so hard. Bhabhimaa asks what are you saying. Rukmani says sorry, we should decide soon, else children will decide themselves, stop Anmol. 
Dadi says I will continue to follow mahurat. Naira says you will understand this now, whatever Dadi said now, I heard her say this to pandit. Devyaani hears her. Kartik says I don’t believe your words, give some rest to your brain. Naira says I heard it, don’t taunt me, find out. He asks do you think I have lost my mind to trust you.

Devyaani says its false, we didn’t expect this from you, you fabricated this story, Naira heard you outside, right Naira. Dadi sees Naira. She says yes, I have made this story, I lied because I was worried for my family, I didn’t wish this to happen again, Naira you have given papers to Kartik and broke relations, but do you know how many relations broke along, its between two families, our emotions are attached to it, you both are taking divorce, Mansi and Anmol want to marry, society will laugh on us, what will I answer them if they question about you, this might be okay for you, not us, so I asked for time so that people forget your matter and then we can start the talks of new relation. Bhabhimaa says we shouldn’t link these two days, we will also be connected because of Naksh and Kirti. Rukmani says yes, this reminds me of Kirti’s divorce, you didn’t say that time that society will mock you, you started discussing alliance soon. Dadi says that matter was different. Aditya was a bad husband, but Kartik loves Naira.
Devyaani says Naira loves Kartik too, she loves your family, you don’t value her. Kartik and Naira get a message. Dadi says I want to save Mansi and Anmol’s relation from this bad effects. Rukmani asks what if Kartik and Naira delay their divorce proceedings. Dadi says I have no objection then, you ask them. Naksh says its wrong, you can’t blackmail them. Bhabhimaa says yes, we decided to handle the matters separately. Dadi asks Kartik and Naira can they wait until Anmol and Mansi’s marriage. Kartik says sorry, this can’t happen, we signed the papers. Naira says yes, Singh messaged the case went to court, keep this marriage and our relation separately. Naitik says think again. Dadi says we can talk to the lawyer. Kartik says no, we have decided. Naira says people always find chances to gossip, people don’t matter, we won’t take the divorce case back. Dadi says you guys decide now…. She asks Kartik to come. Dadi and Kartik leave.

Mohit says entire family is worried because of our son, Naira’s old wounds didn’t heal and this new matter… Naitik comes. He asks is Anmol not related to me and this family, sit first. He says I heard everything, that issue has ended, Naira is sad but she knows that her sorrow shouldn’t affect others’ happiness. Nandini says she is like Akshara, she bears sorrow for others’ happiness. Naitik says just think for Anmol and Mansi, take the right decision. She says we don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. He asks them to think with a cool mind. Naira comes to Mansi and Anmol and asks what happened, why did you call me urgently. Mansi says I m pregnant. Naira gets shocked. Anmol says sorry, its true. Naira says shut up. Mansi says please get us married, else everyone will be angry. Naira asks did you consult any doctor. Mansi says no, don’t tell anyone, I beg you, everyone will get upset, they will scold me. Naira recalls Shubham’s words. She says no, I told you that I will handle this, you may leave.
Kartik says this will be just between us, remember this. Naira looks at him. He tells Dadi that they should get Mansi married to Anmol.

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