The Episode starts with Naira recalling Shubham and Kartik’s words. She gets up and calls Kartik. She ends the call and says what do I do, why did you put me in same situation again. Its morning, Kartik jogs. Naira comes there and says I need to talk, its something imp. He continues to jog. She says Mansi is pregnant. He gets shocked and stops. He asks what did you say. She says Mansi is pregnant. Akhilesh asks did they call up. Dadi says no, I won’t call them, there is nothing left to discuss, they will decide it. Suwarna says I feel this relation shouldn’t happen. Surekha says if that’s the case, you call Kirti back. Suwarna says Kirti is married, its not in our hands now. Surekha says Mansi will go to US after the wedding, she won’t stay here.
Manish says Surekha isn’t wrong. Dadi says we can just wait for their answer, Naira will have something to say. Naira says we should tell this to everyone, else Rukmani will react bad on knowing it. Kartik asks are you really stupid or pretending. She says I informed you when I got to know. He says when you didn’t tell me about Shubham, why are you telling me about my sister, you didn’t even inform me that time, you know Rukmani will refuse for marriage or taunt my sister all life, I know her, I saw her drama in Yash and Rose’s marriage, this will stay between us, we need to tell Mansi and Anmol that they don’t have to tell anyone, I will tell my family and convince them for marriage, even you convince your family, okay. She says you taunted me again. He says truth is always bitter, it hurts the one who does mistake. She says I m telling that we should tell the family. He says you should know when to say and when you shouldn’t, Shubham’s life was in danger, it was imp to inform them. She says its imp as Rukmani can do anything later.
He says she can refuse even now, what will my sister do, tell me, if Shubham’s family knew about him, problem would have got solved, if Mansi’s matter gets known to family, problem will increase, I don’t want Mansi to stay disturbed, can’t you understand such a little thing. 
She says whatever I do is wrong, whatever you do is right. He asks do you get it or not. She says no, I m not convinced. He says fine, be quiet, you took an imp decision of Shubham’s life alone, we saw its result, spare my sister, I will handle it, just be quiet, got it. She says got it, I know you love Mansi, this love can make you do same mistake, we are not on good terms now, even then I would not like you to get blamed, I could bear it, but you won’t be able to bear it. He says you need not worry for me, once they get married, we will get divorced. She says I will also wait for it. Yeh rishta….plays…. They leave.

Kartik comes home. Dadi says we won’t call them. Suwarna asks why are you sweating so much, are you fine Kartik. He says I have to say something, we should get Mansi and Anmol married. Surekha says thanks, I was saying the same. Mansi looks on. Kartik says Dadi, don’t think about me and Naira, just think about Mansi’s happiness, trust me, say yes for this marriage, I will never take wrong decision for Mansi, she wants to marry Anmol, we will get her married to Anmol. He goes. Mansi hugs him and says sorry. He says you aren’t a kid now, our family trusts us, any ways, I will always be with you, if anything happens, you can tell me about it, no need to do to anyone else. She says that someone else is special for me, you know whatever Naira has done for me, nobody would have done it. She goes. Anmol says I got a call, Anmol’s alliance is fixed. She argues with Nandini. She says I will be the only one to go in baraat, but this marriage will happen. Naira thinks I hope the marriage happens well. Surekha says Rukmani has sent sweets and shagun. Dadi asks what’s the hurry, I will talk to pandit and keep engagement.
Kartik says call him fast. I will take care of arrangements, you don’t need to worry. Dadi says Rukmani is different, she isn’t like Singhanias, she may keep demands, we need to fulfill her demands, else there will be hurdles in the marriage. Kartik thinks I will get them married somehow. Naira does hair massage to Mohit. He says your hands have magic, I missed this a lot. She says we all missed you too. He asks did you and Kartik compromise for this marriage. She says no. He says do whatever you feel right. Naksh and Kirti look on. Kirti says I know you are supporting Naira but I m telling you, along with wedding preparations, divorce proceedings will go on, but there is scope for their relation. He says I will be glad, but I don’t see any chances. She says my heart is saying, they will realize their mistakes soon. Rukmani smiles seeing the rings. She asks Anmol to choose a ring for Mansi, his Nana ji was big jeweller, you can take any ring. Mohit says I m going to pay for the ring, so choose it according to my status. Anmol asks Naira to help.

Naira chooses one and says Mansi likes delicate rings. Rukmani asks will you get us insulted. Mohit says I will buy what I can afford, I didn’t take anything from Nandini’s family during my marriage, why will I take anything during your marriage, had we not rented our house, we would have done arrangements from there. 
Naitik asks what are you saying. Rukmani thinks Naira chose smallest and cheapest ring. Naira drops the ring. It goes to Kartik. She picks the ring and sees him. Kartik greets them. Servants gets some sweets and gifts. He says sorry, Dadi has sent this for Anmol and entire family. Rukmani says there is no need to apologize. He says tomorrow is an auspicious day for engagement. Mohit says it will be too early. Kartik says it will take place at our house, I will manage everything. Rukmani says amazing. He asks them not to be formal, so shall I tell family about it. Naira asks how will Yash and Rose come. He says I will arrange for their travel. Rukmani says Yash can come till marriage, I spoke to him, he said wedding shouldn’t stop because of him. She asks Kartik to go and start preparations. He says fine, there is one more thing, I was passing by market and bought this, sorry I didn’t ask you. He shows the diamond rings. Rukmani smiles. Everyone looks on.
Naira says we can buy a ring for Mansi. Kartik says when did I say you can’t buy, why do you always get me wrong. She says I have understood it correctly. He says I will celebrate all functions in a grand way, you are free to think that I m showing off or its my love, if you have much problem, you don’t attend the engagement.

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