The Episode starts with Rukmani saying your choice is good Kartik. Naira says we can buy ring for Mansi, I can understand what you want to do. He says I just liked it and got this, I didn’t ask you, I m talking to family. She says I m part of family. He says you will always have objection. She says I m not mad. He says but you look mad. Mohit says sorry, take ring back, we will buy it. Kartik says at the time of our marriage, you said family’s happiness is imp, how did rules change now. She says you changed many rules too. He says its useless to argue with you. He says I got this with love, please don’t refuse. Rukmani accepts the rings. Kartik says its my sister’s marriage, I will celebrate every function in a grand way, you can think its show off or my love, don’t create problem, if you are having so much problem, why are you troubling everyone, don’t come in the engagement. Everyone looks on shocked. He leaves.
Rukmani says you have to come in Anmol’s engagement, tell me will you come. Mohit asks her to stop it. Devyaani says Kartik didn’t think before speaking, Suwarna and Dadi have anger and now even Kartik. Nandini asks does he feel nothing for Naira, she could have got angry and said the same thing. Naira says let it be, end this matter here, prepare for engagement, we have less time. She goes. Surekha says its my request, don’t create any issue in my daughter’s engagement. Suwarna sees Kartik coming. She asks did they like the ring. He says yes. She says I was thinking if you could arrange the function at a hotel.

He says I will try, you also try, assume that person belongs to Anmol’s family, I won’t care even if she comes. He goes. Naitik comes to Naira and asks shall I ask something. She says don’t ask and goes. Naksh and Kirti look on. Kirti says I will talk to Manish and get function venue changed. Naksh says but people will be same, Kartik will be there, its her decision, we will just support her. 
Rukmani says I will also do unique things in Anmol’s engagement. Kartik says I will try, you liked rings right. She says yes, Anmol and mansi will exchange same rings. He thinks how to arrange unique engagement in last min. Rukmani comes to Naira and asks her to decorate the ring box. A ring falls down. Naira takes the box. Kartik talks to a man about the arrangements.

He describes the ring and says I hope it doesn’t change. Naira says I have to go market to get few things. He says I have to go market to get things for engagement. Naira thinks parking is occupied and goes to park. Kartik parks his car. She scolds the person and sees him. He locks his car and goes. Dadi talks to someone. The lady says you have a bahu like Naira, what’s there to worry. Dadi shares her worry with Suwarna that family’s reputation shouldn’t suffer. Kartik comes back and sees his car blocked by Naira’s car. He waits for her to leave. She puts her things and passes time to trouble him. He gets in the driver’s seat by other door. He races off his car. The dirty water splashes on Naira. Lav and Kush ask Surekha and Akhilesh not to use plastic bags. They ask them to use paper bags. Akhilesh says you too got smart and caring. Surekha says we will choose planet over plastic.
Dadi stops Naira and says your family knows I have come, I wanted to talk to you, what’s this. Naira says I met someone mad in market. Dadi says I want you to stay there till Mansi’s bidaai and not mention divorce, this is the only way to get saved from bad things. Naira says I can’t do this, try to understand, I can’t do such drama. Dadi says not just ours, its matter of your family respect too. Naitik says no, we don’t care, sorry I wasn’t hearing your talk, I came to see you, I won’t convince Naira, we don’t care for people, we didn’t hide anything at Rashmi’s time, we accepted Kirti, we will support Naira, divorce is not a happy event, but its not a sin, we have to change with time, I won’t force Naira. Dadi says people talk a lot. Naitik says I don’t care for that, Naira has done a lot for your family. She says Naira is my bahu too, divorce didn’t happen. Naitik says Kartik is our son in law, we can ask him to get involved in Anmol’s marriage. Dadi argues. She asks Naira to attend the wedding from their side, else don’t come as Kartik told, nobody will care. She asks Naitik to come in engagement. She goes.
Everyone reaches Goenka house. Dadi says Naira didn’t come, there is no hope now. Naira comes there and gets tensed.

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