The Episode starts with Dadi leaving. Naira asks am I selfish, have I done anything wrong, I can’t pretend more, it hurts me a lot. Naitik says I can understand. Naira says same people and house, so many memories, no one understands me, everyone thinks I m wrong, am I wrong. She cries and hugs Naitik. She says I m tired and confused, I have lost, I have been avoiding this since two years, please help me, tell me what’s right and what’s wrong so that I can be prepared. He says no need to be prepared for anything, we will see everything, no one has the right to tell you anything, you won’t keep fake relations, no need to do anything. Kartik asks manager to keep everything perfect, groom’s family shouldn’t complaint. He shouts on staff and goes. Staff says he gets so angry, since he is angry, he should get remarried, he is so young. Suwarna looks on. Dadi says we have lot of work to do, all of them are useless, who will do this.
Kirti says you can tell me, Naira told me that I should represent my family here, Naira will handle things over there. Kartik says then go and meet Mansi, she will need your help. Kirti goes with kids. Surekha says Naira is too good, by sending Kirti here, she has… Dadi says she covered up her mistake, she didn’t come, people gossip when they don’t see bahu at home, she could have come for some days, but she is stubborn. Naksh asks Naira are you getting rings box. Naira says no, give it to Rukmani. Nandini asks her to come. Naksh says let it be, Naira if you want to come, call me, I will come to pick you. Naira wishes all the best to Anmol. Mansi gets ready and makes video call to Naira.

Mansi asks how do I look. Naira says if you faint then, be careful. Mansi says sorry, will you get late, are you not coming, how could you do this to me, I won’t do engagement without you, I need you, please come for my sake. Kartik comes and looks on. 
He says it doesn’t matter if she comes or not, you won’t spoil your mood. Naira says enjoy well. Kartik says you look pretty, you should smile, guests will be coming, shall we go. Mansi nods. Everyone comes. Dadi says she didn’t come. Surekha says its good, else Suwarna’s mood would have got spoiled. Devyaani recalls Kartik’s words. Rukmani says I m so happy today. Kartik sees ring box and asks them to come. Rukmani says this contains the same rings, Naira decorated the rings.

He says good she agreed. She says yes. Manish asks kids to think something, go and hide in cabinet. Lav says its a bad idea. Manish says how to get Naira in party. Naitik says no need for it. Naira arrives. She thinks of Kartik and Suwarna’s words. She imagines Suwarna stopping her from entering the house and blaming her for killing Shubham. Naira says enough, its my brother’s engagement, no one can stop me, I will enter the house. Suwarna disappears. Lav says thanks for good news, its fun when Naira is around. Naitik says she is on the way, we didn’t force her, she decided it herself, she said her relation tension shouldn’t ruin the family happiness. Manish says we should try to end this tension. Naitik says this will be Kartik and Naira’s decision, else they may get hurt.
Manish says they will realize their mistake, we should plan something. Naitik says whatever happened in Mumbai drifted them apart. Manish says even then we will try. Naitik says I don’t understand what to do and what not to do. Naira recalls old moments and cries. Kartik turns and sees her. Music plays…. he welcomes her from girl’s familt side. She thanks him and goes in. She sees floral rangoli and goes from side. She recalls the past and Shubham’s death. Kartik comes to taunt her. She says when I had feelings, no one understood, what will I hope now, everyone can move on, I don’t need you or your advice. Her dupatta gets stuck in her dupatta. They recall their marriage moment. Maine socha bhi na tha….plays….. He frees her dupatta and goes. She steps inside the house. She sees family pics and Shubham’s pic. She collides with Suwarna and says sorry. Suwarna and everyone get shocked seeing Naira.
Kartik and Naira dance on Ghumar song. Kirti also dances.

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