The Episode starts with Kirti saying Naksh heard about Naira’s injury and was coming here, so I came along to meet you and Dadi, you think I will get away from my husband on anniversary and come to sort your life, you don’t listen to anyone. Dadi looks at Kirti. Guard shouts thief. Naitik says its me, Naitik, don’t tell anyone that we are here, I will get a betel for you. Manish says I hope everything will get fine. Naitik says don’t worry, I m doubtful about my daughter, she changed a lot Manish says my son turned into a volcano. Naitik says you are right, he crossed his limits without thinking. Manish says ask Naira to pull his ear and make him right, he used to just listen to him. Naksh and Kirti come downstairs. Naitik asks how was it. Naksh says its early stage. He jokes. Kirti says we can’t measure the impact, they have to react first. Manish says once they take a step, we will make ten times more efforts. Naksh and Kirti go. Naitik prays to Bappa.
Naira says you should have stopped Kirti here, you guys are living separated here, I m feeling bad. She checks Kartik’s number. Naksh looks on. Kartik checks his phone. Naira says cheese got over, I will get it from Kittu’s house. Naksh asks Kittu? She says Kritika, she lives in the lower floor. Kartik says I m going to get my charger. Kirti says you can take my charger. He says no, I will get mine. Kirti messages Naksh that Kartik went downstairs. Naksh replies Naira went too. She replies, what do you think, was it an excuse or… Naksh replies can’t say. Manish says there are many mosquitoes here, how do you stay here. Naitik says we live like siblings, they bite us sometimes and we bite them sometimes. Manish asks but why are we sitting here. Naitik says for babysitting, we can’t trust our children, they can fight anytime, we have to keep an eye on them, they won’t go to each other’s house, they will either meet in lobby or terrace, there is no other place. They see Kartik coming and hide behind the sofa. Kartik calls Naira. Manish says call her up, come on, useless fellow. Naira comes downstairs. Naitik and Manish smile and hide. They excitedly say yes…… Manish says these kids aren’t talking.. Kartik and Naira say I……. tell me…. what is it…. Naira says its Naksh and Kirti’s anniversary, they are away because of us. Kartik says I know, I was going to talk about it.
She says we will call everyone here to celebrate anniversary, they didn’t celebrate because of us. He says I have to do many things but…. she asks is there any problem, do you want to talk with anyone? He says yes, that would be would, we will discuss with family, but this is my issue, you do whatever you want. She asks alone? Don’t you want to do anything for your sister. He says fine, we will do it together. She says thanks, work will get easier on sharing. He asks who told you, things get easier on sharing. Yeh rishta…..plays…. Naira gets sad and goes. Naksh and Kirti come to Kartik. Naksh greets Kartik. Kartik greets formally and refuses for the soft drink. He goes. Naksh says it was nice to see Kartik after so many days, I didn’t know what to say. Kirti says don’t worry, maybe he was thinking the same. Naksh says I hope everything gets fine. Kirti says they came together for our anniversary, I wish they save their marriage.
Bhabhimaa likes the wada pau. She asks Devyaani not to have food with a bad mood. Devyaani says my heart isn’t happy…. Surekha says if you hate us so much, you should have not called us here. Akhilesh stops her. Bhabhimaa says we are here to celebrate Naksh and Kirti’s anniversary on Naitik and Manish’s saying, we should be together for their sake. Devyaani says they don’t care like we do. Akhilesh says its nothing like that. Naitik and Manish come. Manish says I didn’t talk to Suwarna, I have to tell her. Surekha says talk to her, else Kartik may tell her. Devyaani says I agree, there can be a ruckus in the party which can spoil Naksh and Kirti’s mood. Kartik messages Naira and asks her to come downstairs in 15 mins. Naira replies K/okay. Kartik says madam is so busy so she doesn’t have time for typing okay, really K? She says I m just coming for Naksh and Kirti’s sake. They get ready. She thinks this is Kartik’s fav color. He thinks this is Naira’s fav color. Suwarna prays and says this is for my family and this is for my Kartik, Lord always bless my son. Manish calls Suwarna. She says I m going for puja, I will call you back and disconnects. Naitik asks did you talk to Suwarna. Manish says no, she is busy in puja. Naitik says be positive, everything will be fine. Manish says don’t take Suwarna wrong, she is not bad hearted. Naitik says yes, I was angry on her before, maybe its time that relations join. Manish says maybe. Bhabhimaa says this hope has our strength. Lav and kush say we went to resort last time on Kartik’s birthday and…… Dadi comes.
Kartik gets the car. He says why am I being so conscious, its fine if she doesn’t want to tell about her injury, we are going for Naksh and Kirti’s sake, don’t ask her, how can I not ask if hobbles in front of me or if her leg hurts… I will have to ask. Naira says why, I shouldn’t ask, there is no use to ask, I need to know why he started drinking. She sits in his car. They see each other. Music plays….. Naksh and Kirti look on. Kartik says tell me, the city and plan is yours. Naira says we shall decide venue first, I made the list. He says we should see one indoor location, what did you think about food. She says Kirti’s cuisine, we need to compromise. He says no, I want the best of everything. She says I knew we will have a fight, lets share the work. He sees her leg. She opens the door. He drives ahead and says wear the seatbelt, I won’t drive slow for your sake. They leave. Kirti says at least, they left together, thanks Naksh for supporting me in this plan.

Naksh asks are they just your relations, many relations formed because of them and many relations got affected too. She says we can’t understand their relation. He says we have to get them together, we did a mistake to not try before. She says yes, I m tensed about Suwarna. Dadi says I understood when Kirti came home. Bhabhimaa asks do you have any problem. Dadi asks no one thought about this before. Devyaani asks why didn’t you think about it, this is your family matter, you should solve it, but you just left. Akhilesh says no, we all are at fault. Naitik says we should think of future. Dadi says we will just talk about bringing Kartik and Naira together. Manish asks what do you think, do they love each other? Naitik asks did misunderstandings overpower their love? Manish asks will we succeed, are you with us?
Kartik shouts to Naira. He looks for Naira. She gets drunk and talks to people. Kartik gets shocked.

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