A deadly attempt to kill Pragya Abhi turns savior in Kumkum Bhagya
In the ZEE TV Daily soap Kumkum Bhagya,

It seems that Tanu and Aaliya have finally determined to end Pragya’s life.

Where the current track is showing Disha and Purab’s anniversary celebration, King and Pragya have also attend the function.

King and Pragya’s bonding is leaving Abhi pissed off while there Tanu and Aaliya make plan to kill Pragya.
King realizes a truth
Aaliya makes the chandelier fall on Pragya while Pragya is blindfold and has to find her love King.

But before Pragya could face death, Abhi comes and manages the situation rescuing Pragya from this deadly attack,

While Tanu Aaliya plan to kill Pragya flopped,

Will King Singh realize Abhi and Pragya’s connecting link?

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