Bepanah: Aditya raises hand over Arshad, Zoya (Jennifer Winget) bursts at Aditya (Harshad Chopda) 
The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Bepanah is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.

Aditya is much infuriated as Wasim is pressurizing Zoya to accept Arshad's alliance.

Zoya is in much pressure as she don't want rotgo against her father as she had once gone against her father for Yash and had bear consequences.
Aditya is not at all happy with this and decides to handle situation as he can't say anything to Wasim.

Aditya and Zoya's love syappa
Aditya choose to threaten Arshad and make him cancel this alliance and raises hand over him.

Zoya gets infuriated seeing this and bursts at Aditya for crossing his limits and takes Arshad's side.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes

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