Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Amyra Lovely commit suicide a thrill warning top Mahendra Bebe
In the thrilling upcoming episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala,

The viewers and the avid fans will get to see s major deadly twist getting unfold in Lovely and Amyra's life.

As per the recent track, Kulfi survive from death and now Sikandar is happy with her and also discovered that Kulfi is a girl, not boy.
While Mahendra and Bebe now decide to tell Sikandar about his daughter Kulfi, Lovely takes a extreme step to safeguard her and Amyra's place in Sikandar's life.

Lovely confronts Mahendra
Lovely is not ready to let Sikandar know about his daughter, that she confronts Mahendra and Bebe.

Lovely attempts to commit suicide and also warns them that she will kill Amyra also if they will tell this truth to Sikandar.

Where Mahendra and Bebe got stuck,
Will Sikandar ever come to know about Kulfi being his daughter?

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