Bela pregnant of Mahir's child Sumitra announces the good news in Naagin 3 
Colors daily TV Show Naagin 3 is finally up for a very exciting track.

Mahir (Pearl V Puri) and Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) are facing complications in their marital relationship.

Where Bela is distancing herself from Mahir because she has gained some strong and special poisonous powers which can immidiately kill a person,

Mahir finds Bela weird when they come back to home after RJ's movie premiere.
And there Sumitra announces a big news which leaves Bela and Mahir hell shock.

Mahir Bela in shock
Sumitra congratulates Mahir and announces the good news that Mahir is going to become father,

Where Mahir and Bela are in shock, Sumitra reveals that Bela is pregnant of Mahir's child.

It would be quite interesting to watch if Makers of the show planned any new twist in Mahir Bela's love story.
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