Bepannaah has reached a stage where Zoya (Jennifer Winget) and Aditya (Harshad Chopda) only have to confess their love for each other. Obviously, it won’t happen so soon as we have a guy Arshad (Taher Shabbir) making his entry to halt the matter. However, reports are rife that Bepannaah will end soon. It is not surprising for us who knew that it was supposed to be a finite series from the start. In fact, Harshad had said that he read a bound script of 150 episodes. Well, Bepannaah is a huge success online and doing well on the TRP charts as well. It seems obvious that the channel would like to retain it even though the writers may have a finite series in mind. One of the creatives Ishita Moitra took to Twitter to answer millions of Aditya – Zoya who are devastated ever since the news broke out…
replying to non stop tweets Creative member Ishita Motra said ''Don't beleve in rumours, The show is not going ogg aur any time soon''
This should come as great news for all fans who want the show to enjoy a long run. It seems it is already an extended version that we’re seeing. Even Jennifer Winget’s Beyhadh was supposed to be a finite show but it got two more seasons. Looks like history is repeating itself! Stay tuned to BL for more scoop and updates!

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