Pooja asks Aditya what he you choose – your past or future? Aditya thanks her. Zoya calls out to Aditya. Hold my hand and come down please. Aditya holds her hand. Bepanah Mohabbat plays in the background. Zoya calls him mad. Why were you standing on the terrace like that? He smiles at her and looks back. She makes him look at her. Why are you smiling madly? You don’t care about me. You don’t think about me! You can smile as much as you want. I am going. He does not react. She repeats her words and then leaves. Aditya thinks he chose his future; his happiness; his love. I chose Zoya! He jumps happily.

Arjun and Aditya hug each other and thank each other. Arjun asks him when he will propose to Zoya. Aditya says I cannot wait. I will do it tonight. Arjun is thrilled.

Noor is equally thrilled to know it. She ends her call. I am sure Appi will also say yes. She imagines Zoya and herself dressed in sarees and taking tea for Aditya and Arjun. Zoya asks her to pour the tea. Noor and Arjun are lost in each other. Zoya calls out to Noor and then hits at her hand. You are day dreaming? She gives some stuff to Noor. We have to take this to Huda House. Noor thinks they will go to Huda House together. When God has joined the relation then who will stop us! Keep going Aditya!
Zoya gives instructions about decor to the vendor. She receives a call from Aditya just then. Aditya says you want to know why I am behaving like this and what’s going in my heart. Meet me at 8 pm for dinner. She declines. I have lots of work. Aditya says you will have dinner atleast. Have it with me. Noor tells her to go for dinner. It will be a matter of 2 hours only. I will manage everything. Zoya asks her how she knows it is about dinner. I dint use the word dinner. Noor cooks a story. Aditya tells her not to scold Noor. She isn’t saying anything wrong. Zoya looks at the phone and Noor in confusion. She says yes and ends the call. Zoya asks Noor why she was meddling in the matter. He scolds me whenever he feels like and stops talking to me. Why should I go? Noor says he might be asking you to meet him so he can apologize. Zoya shares that he was just not standing on the edge of the terrace and don’t know what he was about to do! She walks away in a huff. Noor thinks Appi seemed really angry. Hope she wont fight with Aditya. How to fix her mood? Arjun is not there. Who should I ask now? Shawn and other vendors keep liquor stock inside. Noor gets an idea.

Aditya has planned a surprise date for Zoya. Arjun calls him. What’s up? Aditya shares that everything is set but I am nervous. I wonder if I will be able to say anything when she will come before me. Arjun boosts him up. Zoya calls you best friend. Look in her eyes and say I love you Zoya to her. Aditya says you seem as if you have been practising since too long. Arjun coughs. I was just saying it for you. Send me a picture. I want to see how much you are blushing. Aditya declines. Zoya is about to come. They end the call.

Aditya checks the preps. He picks the letter he has written for her and thinks of Zoya. Hi, you must be thinking why Aditya has been acting so strangely since so many days. I should come on the point. I wanted to tell you that I have found my peace. You are my journey, my destination, my day and my night. Everything seems perfect when I am with you. I feel like looking at you all the time. I don’t see anyone else. I get lost in your talks and want to listen to you for forever. He holds the bouquet. I wanted to tell you that I have fallen in love with you. I love you! I love you so! He turns around and notices Zoya there and goes quiet. Zoya looks at him in puzzlement.
Aditya hides the flower and letter behind his back. She sits on the ground and blows her hair. What is going on? You say yes then no and then invite me for dinner when you feel like! I too have feelings. Answer me! Aditya realises she hasn’t heard anything. Why is she acting strangely? He sits next to her. She holds her hand for him. I wont bear you torturing me anymore. Yo cannot go away from me. I wont let you get away from the world, this curtain. She is holding his hand. She looks at the decorations mesmerised. Whose anniversary is it? She starts laughing on her own. He tells her that people stay happy with her for no reason. What has happened to you? She ties flowers on her head. Whose anniversary is it? He tells her to think it to be his. It’s like my rebirth. She sings happy birthday song for her. Aditya asks her where she is coming from. She shares that she is coming from Huda House. I had 2 glasses of juices and I came here. He tells her it wasn’t juice. She is overtly excited. He asks her to have food. She refuses. I have to look at the decor and everything. He pulls at the flowers. I wanted to tell you something important but you aren’t in the condition to listen. He somehow convinces her to sit down to eat something. I cooked it. She sits down on the opposite chair instead. He bangs at his head sweetly.

Zoya is inebriated. She keeps singing Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main. Aditya makes her sit in the correct car. He tells her that he will drop her to her home asap. Event is due day after tomorrow. She refuses. You will go away after the event. She ties flowers on his hand. I will tie this handcuff so you wont be able to leave. Do you enjoy going away from me? He shakes his head. She asks him why he goes away from her then. He holds her as she was about to fall. She steps back. I am very strong right now. I will tie your hand tightly with this handcuff. He tells her she need not tie him. I am already tied. She asks him if he is serious. He tells her that he will not go anywhere and will stay with her by her side. She asks him to swear on her and touches his throat. Aditya touches her throat and promises her. Zoya finds some people arguing for money and pays them.
Zoya stands atop a car. Aditya tries to stop her but she does not mind creating a drama. I got my friend back today. He also swore that he will never leave me. He nods back. Driver asks her to step down. She refuses. Fun has just started. She turns to Aditya. What if you say yes but you still run away? This guy will be the witness. Driver tells her he fails to understand what she is saying. Zoya asks Aditya if he understands what she is saying. You swore upon me. You know the consequence of breaking it right? He replies that he wont break it.

Precap: Zoya tries to put seat belt on Aditya. Her favourite song plays. She tells him about it. Aditya tells her that he wanted to tell her that his wish has been fulfilled. I got my peace. I have fallen in love and that is you!

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