Finally, Tanish and Babu Gogineni are caught in Kaushal Army's fury. The Kaushal Army has been literally dictating the elimination process in the house for the past few weeks. The Kaushal Army was instrumental in the elimination of the last three contestants Bhanu Sree, Tejaswi and Nandini Rai.

This week, Kaushal's army of supporters are targeting Kaushal's main competitors, Tanish and Babu Gogineni. Both Tanish and Babu are nominated to be eliminated this weekend after they failed in yesterday's physical task. 

Babu Gogineni showed no sportsman spirit and withdrew from the task, saying that he can't push women to win a task. On the other hand, Tanish had once again showed his groupism by protecting Deepthi Sunaina, thereby nominating himself. Along with Babu and Tanish, Geetha Madhuri, Shyamala, Ganesh and Deepthi Nallamothu were also nominated for the elimination.
Since Kaushal is not nominated this week, the Kaushal Army is specially concentrating on this week's nominations and is determined to get either Tanish or Babu eliminated. In the process, the votes are being shared for the other four nominated housemates.

Meanwhile, Kaushal's detractors are trying to protect Babu and Tanish. But, since there are two nominations, Kaushal's antifans can only save one among them. This Sunday will be quite exciting to see whether Tanish and Babu will be saved or if it will be Ganesh who will be shown the exit door. 

Whenever Kaushal was not nominated, a strong contestant was eliminated from the show. Going by that sentiment, either Tanish or Babu may face the axe this weekend. Even the early voting trends are suggesting this result.

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