Gauri sees Shivaye and says he is still standing there. Anika says let him be, you come and have food. Anika sees him and doesn’t eat the food. It starts raining. Gauri says its raining heavily, if he stands in the rain, then….. he is still there, he isn’t leaving. Anika says he will leave when he gets hungry. Gauri says he will fall sick if he gets drenched, his wounds… he might get an infection. Anika goes out to him. He feels cold…. Anika asks why are you troubling me, what to do you want. He says forgiveness. She says fine, I forgive you, go from here, what’s your problem, why aren’t you going now, I have forgiven you. He says you didn’t forgive me from the bottom of your heart. She says I request you, please leave. He goes to his car. She goes to her house.

Its morning, Anika looks out of window. Gauri asks what happened. Anika says nothing. Gauri says you were seeing if Shivaye is still here, you are strange, you didn’t like when he was here, now when he is gone, you are feeling bad. Anika says its nothing like that. She opens the door and sees Shivaye. He says forgive me Anika. He gets up and falls back. Om and Priyanka come and hold him. Anika and Gauri get shocked. Om asks Priyanka to get his medicines from his car. Anika asks Om to call the doctor. Om says his heart condition for triggered because he was getting drenched in the rain all night. Anika cries.
Om sprinkles water on Shivaye. Shivaye opens eyes. Om feeds him medicines. Shivaye coughs. Everyone worries. Om asks what’s this madness, you know about your heart condition, what were you trying to prove by getting drenched all night and hurting yourself. Shivaye looks at Anika. He says you told me Om, to earn forgiveness instead of asking for it, I was earning it. Om says what if something happened to you. Shivaye says it doesn’t matter, forgiveness matters, I will die if Anika doesn’t forgive me. Anika says please stop it, I forgive you from the bottom of my heart, I swear on Gauri, don’t trouble yourself, lets forget it. Shivaye says come home. She asks why. He says because its your home. She says its not my home. He says why, you are my… She says I m not your wife, you told that you don’t accept this marriage, its right, relations are made by love, not by force, you don’t have to keep it.

He asks are you going to live here alone, how will you manage. She says like I managed since childhood, I have learnt to fight with problems, I will continue to fight, you don’t have to worry about me. He says I do worry about you, I do. She asks why, what am I to you. He asks will you be my friend. O jaana….plays…. He says I m Shivaye, friends? Om, Priyanka and Gauri sign yes to her. Anika holds his hand and says just friends. Priyanka asks did you hear it, just friends. Shivaye says yes, but a friend. Om asks shall we go home. Shivaye stops and says Anika, if you need anything… Anika says I will manage, you don’t have to worry. Priyanka asks did you hear it, you don’t need to worry. Om says you understood right, come now. They leave.
Shivaye asks when is our meeting with chinese clients. Khanna says at 11am, you will be having both the meeting and brunch together. Shivaye says okay, I have to take Priyanka to doctor, keep a list of all her tests and scans ready, how’s Anika. Khanna asks why are you asking me. Shivaye says because she stays in your locality, you ask foolish questions. Khanna says Anika… Shivaye asks is there any problem, is her aunt troubling her again, what happened to her. Khanna says no, she has a cold, mild cold. Shivaye says cold…..

Khanna comes to Anika’s house and gives things. He says blanket, so that she doesn’t feel cold, medicines, so that she gets well soon, fruits, so that she gets well sooner. Gauri says fine. Anika sneezes and comes. Khanna says books for you, so that you don’t get bored, this is the family doctor’s visiting card, your appointment has been fixed, call him up before visiting him. Anika asks what’s all this. He says the result of my mistake, Shivaye asked me so I told him that Anika has a cold, so he has sent all this. Gauri says so sweet, some mild cold and all this things. Anika asks why did you tell him. He says he asked me suddenly and I told him everything. Gauri says he asked about you. Anika asks her to shut up now, she talks so much. She says what happened to Shivaye. He says wait, he has sent one more thing. Gauri asks what is it.

Anika asks isn’t all this enough. He gives a container and says you can heat up this soup, Shivaye prepared this for Anika. Gauri says Aw, he prepared this. He says this isn’t sweet, its made of herbs, he said Anika will like this. Gauri says Shivaye knows everything about Anika. She goes. Anika says thanks, you can leave now. Anika keeps the container on table. Shivaye asks did she place it on the table, I prepared the soup so that she drinks it. Khanna says I have given her, it depends on her whether she drinks it or not. Shivaye says you should have told her to have it. The lady says chinese clients are waiting for you. He says give them soup, I mean, tea, coffee or anything. He says Khanna, you should have stayed there and checked if she had the soup, did you tell her that I added herbs in the soup. Khanna says yes, but she didn’t seem to care. Shivaye asks what do you mean, it will make a difference when she drinks it. The lady asks where are you going Sir. He says I m going to China, order chinese food for delegates. He leaves.
Shivaye comes to Anika’s house and looks inside a window. He sees the container and says its still here, did she have the soup or not. He bends in to check. He drops the container down. He says no… and sees the soup spread on the floor. He hides. Anika comes and gets shocked. Gauri asks what happened. Anika says the soup got spilt, but how, poor Shivaye had prepared it. Shivaye says poor Shivaye, not bad…. Gauri says how did this happen. Anika says don’t know, the soup must be like him, bitter, its good it fell down. Shivaye says she didn’t even drink it and saying bad about the herbal soup I prepared, her dosa is out of shape, she is commenting on my cooking. Gauri asks where are you going. Anika says temple. Gauri asks why. Anika says I go to temple on my birthday. Gauri says I forgot. He says birthday…… birthday…..

He calls Om and Priyanka. Priyanka asks birthday. Shivaye says yes, don’t you know. She says how will we know, she is your wife. Om says just friends. Shivaye says she is your friend too, don’t you know. She says I didn’t know that. Om asks did you call us to inform or ask, whether or not its her birthday. Shivaye says I called you to ask if I should wish her or not, I mean I should wish her, should I wish her personally or over the phone, it will look formal if I call her up and wish, I will go and wish her, she is my friend after all. Om and Priyanka smile. Om asks why did you call us, to ask or inform, is she my friend or yours, you had a meeting with chinese clients today. Shivaye says we have meetings all the time, but Anika’s birthday comes only once a year.
Om asks oh, so you cancelled your meeting? Shivaye says no, I m feeding the delegates chinese food, go and attend them, your look…, you should go. Om says what are you saying, you are already in the office, so finish the meeting, birthdays last till midnight, what’s the hurry. Shivaye says no, I m not in office, I m near Anika’s house. Om and Priyanka ask what. Shivaye says I m nearby, I should go and wish her. Priyanka says fine, but don’t get overexcited and get such a huge gift that your friend doesn’t accept it. Om says control your emotions. Shivaye says don’t worry, I m in control, I m not taking a big gift. He sees the huge bouquet beside. Shivaye comes to temple and sees Anika praying. He closes eyes and stands praying. She opens eyes and turns. She sees him and says you…. He smiles and says you…..

Everyone sings the birthday song. Anika gets surprised. Shivaye says happy birthday Anika. She asks what was the need for all this. He says there’s someone else who wants to wish you. She turns to see.

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