Anika says you…. Shivaye says you…. She asks how did you come here. He says I have a deal with chinese company today, so I have come to take Lord’s blessings, what brings you here, anything special. She says just like that. Khanna brings the bouquet. Shivaye says its a small world, Anika is also here. She asks for whom is this bouquet. He says for Lord. He keeps the bouquet there and stares at Khanna. Pandit says everyone offers flowers to Lord, but nobody offers bouquets. Anika says he does many things which nobody else does. Khanna laughs. Shivaye asks is there any standup comedy going on here, get blessings and leave. She says I will also leave. Shivaye asks why. She says my work is done. He says my isn’t done. She asks what do you mean. He says today is really a good day, there is an opportunity, temple, pandit, bell, flowers, I was thinking to give you a gift. She says no, you have already sent a lot. He says friends exchange gifts, so I thought to give you a gift, take this bouquet, I mean choose one flower you like, any flower, no, not the red one, its for lovers, yellow is  for friendship, pick the yellow one.
She takes the flower and thinks he is strange. He asks are you wondering what to do with it, fix it onto your hair. She asks on my hair. He says yes, its color will match with your eyeliner, green and yellow. She thinks I heard men have bad color sense, I didn’t know its so bad. He asks what are you thinking. She says nothing. He says then fix it, may I? He moves her hair and fixes the rose. She smiles. Nikhil claps and says wow Anika, you can’t control yourself even in the temple, why, did your lover had no money to take you to the hotel. Shivaye gets angry and shouts. Anika says please, its the temple, there are some limits. Shivaye says not a word against… She stops them. She cries and goes. Shivaye says Anika stopped me, else I would have killed you. He goes after Anika and says Nikhil… you should have let me explain him. She says how many people will you explain, I m just your mistress for the world, this insult is my fate now. She goes. He says no, I won’t let this insult become your fate, I have done a mistake, I will rectify it.
She comes home and cries. Gauri comes and says come fast, Sahil is unwell, Chachi isn’t at home, come fast. Anika goes. The lights get on. Anika gets surprised seeing the decorations. Om, Priyanka, Sahil come. They all sing the birthday song. Shivaye comes and wishes her. Gauri says I didn’t do anything, it was Shivaye’s idea and planning, I told him that you don’t celebrate birthdays, but… He says but I do many things that nobody else does, happy occasions are rare in life, so we should celebrate it, there is someone else who wants to wish you. Sahil’s mum/Chachi comes and wishes Anika. She says forgive me Anika, I was an idiot to misunderstand you, curse and trouble you, I did wrong with you, this is your house, come back. Anika hugs her and says I will do as you want. Chachi recalls…. FB shows Shivaye saying we are going to celebrate, if you misbehave with Anika, I will not spare you, you kicked her out of the house, you have to get her home. FB ends. Sahil says mummy has agreed and dances. He falls.

Shivaye holds him and asks are you fine. Anika looks on. Gauri says I want to talk to you, its personal, come. Om goes. Priyanka smiles. Om asks Gauri to say. She says its something strange, I felt awkward there, everyone was there so…. He asks what. She says since the day I met you…. Om asks what. She says I wanted to ask you, what shampoo and conditioner do you use, your hair is so silky, shiny and bouncy. Priyanka and Sahil laugh. She asks Om to say the secret of his black, long and silky hair. Om goes. Gauri says he didn’t say. Anika comes to Shivaye and says you did…. He takes her out. She asks why did you bring me outside. He says I will say. He asks everyone to come out. He says I m rectifying my mistake.
He says she is Anika, whom you all scolded and told bad things, she was hiding my mistake, she doesn’t need any character certificate, her dignity is my dignity, if anyone points finger at her, I will break their hand, if she cries because of you, I will wipe her tears later, but I will deal with that person who made her cry, do you all get it, tell me, you are quick to say anything about a girl’s character, do you have anything to say. He says no one will say anything to you now Anika, you won’t have to bear any insult now, come.

Shivaye gets her somewhere. She looks around and thanks him for making her birthday special. He says we can talk later, shall we cut the cake first, ask for a wish first. Anika nods. She closes eyes and wishes. She thinks I don’t know what’s between me and Shivaye, I m very happy, keep this happiness intact. He thinks I don’t know what bond I share with Anika, no matter what is it, I m happy to see Anika happy, keep her happiness intact. O jaana…plays….. She cuts the cake. He claps. She feeds him the cake. He feeds her. He says let me give you your gift. She says no, you have already given me a big gift, you have given my lost respect back. He says I have snatched a lot from you and want to return it. She asks what’s this. She checks and gets shocked seeing the divorce papers. She asks divorce papers? He says today, I m freeing you from this from this forced relation, its better to end this, this is the only way to rectify this mistake, I m freeing you willingly today, its your life, you will decide how you will live, no one else will decide, not even me.
Gauri says he handed you the divorce papers. Anika says its a birthday gift which I will remember forever. Shivaye says I know that I have taken the right step, still I m feeling a strange kind of heaviness in my heart. Anika says why should we talk about this when everything got finished. Shivaye says everything got finished, even our relation.

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