Shivaye says you will known as Shivaye’s mistress, like your mum is someone’s mistress, you said a woman gets respect when she becomes someone’s wife, you will yearn for this respect, the scores got settled now, this will be your identity for the world, Shivaye’s mistress. He leaves in anger. She shouts no, stop Shivaye, please…. He drives off. She shouts no… and runs after the car. She falls down and sees the mangalsutra beads. She cries. Pyaar hai ya saza…..plays….. He sees her in the mirror. They think of their moments. He thinks of doctor, Anika, Tyagi and Daksh’s words. Tia asks where did he go. Daksh says don’t know. She says you should have found it, Shivaye left with Anika in front of you. He says relax, he didn’t take her on a date, he just hates Anika, Payal supported me and proved Anika a liar, whatever mistakes I made, I covered it all. Tia throws his wine bottle and says what about me, that girl is with Shivaye, I must be worried, right, we did a big mistake by involving her. He says she got involved herself, I swear to Lord, you and Anika have no comparison, Shivaye won’t even look at her, she is from a shady background. She says I know, go and see where he took her, he can go to any extent when he decides to teach someone a lesson, don’t waste your time, go and check where he is and what he is doing. He leaves.
Shivaye sees his hand and recalls Anika. He says I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t commit any crime, I gave her punishment for ruining Priyanka’s happiness and life, she has no right to stay happy, no need to feel guilty, she did bad with Priyanka, I did bad with her, scores got even. Daksh calls Shivaye and says why isn’t he answering, how to find out where he is. He gets Tyagi’s call. He says you keep on calling me, I m busy. Tyagi says I saw Shivaye with that girl, whom we accused of leaking the video, they were going somewhere together, one of my men saw them together, this can affect you badly, I was worried for you, so I made a call. Daksh gets angry and says don’t know what’s going on in Shivaye’s mind, if he believes Anika then I m finished. Its morning, Anika comes to her locality and recalls whatever happened. People taunt Anika and ask Gauri to see her sister. Gauri hugs Anika and takes her inside the house. Shivaye comes home.

Om asks where were you all night. Shivaye says I was busy. Om asks in breaking the marriage, Gauri came here to find her, she said you broke off Anika’s marriage, is this true Shivaye? Gauri says talk to me, I m worried. Sahil’s mum asks were you with Shivaye, how did you get this sindoor in your maang. Anika says i got married. Sahil’s mum asks who did you get married to. Anika says Shivaye. Gauri asks what. Sahil’s mum says she is saying nonsense, will Shivaye just get her to marry. Gauri asks did you marry Shivaye. 
Sahil’s mum says Shivaye would have accompanied her or took her home, she was having an affair with Shivaye, so she is lying, there are many girls wanting to marry him, why will he marry her. Gauri says shut up, let me talk, if Anika is saying she got married, then it happened, she never lies. Sahil’s mum says he is just enjoying with her, she has become his mistress. Anika gets shocked and recalls Shivaye’s words. Sahil’s mum says don’t know about marriage, but she has surely celebrated suhaagraat. Om asks is this true, Gauri said you forcibly took Anika somewhere, what have you done with her.

Shivaye says I don’t want to talk, she doesn’t matter to me, Priyanka is my priority now, doctor said they can’t cure Priyanka, that’s why I have decided to bring her back home. He goes. Rudra says someone has cursed our family, Lord please cure Priyanka, then everything will get fine. Omru cry. Om says no…… He gets a call from Khanna. He asks what….. Sahil’s mum makes Anika out and throws her down. She says I will break your legs if you come back. Gauri asks why are you creating an issue. Sahil’s mum says baraat returned yesterday and today she has done this. She asks Anika to get out, she is dead for them. Gauri says she has equal rights on this house. 
Sahil’s mum says your girls will be spoilt if she stays here, we should make her out. The people get angry on Anika. Gauri says don’t dare to touch her, I will break your hands. The ladies hold Anika and take her away. Gauri asks Anika to run away. The ladies push Anika.

Anika stumbles. Omru come and hold her. Om warns them. Sahil’s mum says you guys here, you should also know how this girl is trying to defame Shivaye, she is saying Shivaye married her, why will he marry such characterless girl. Om shouts enough, not a word against her. Rudra says this is our family matter, no one has the right to interfere in our matter. Om says we have come to take you. Rudra says not in a grand way, but yes, with all the respect. Anika says but Shivaye… Rudra says we will talk to her, just come. Gauri says in that family…..
Om asks Rudra to ask Anika to get ready for puja. Rudra asks why, Dadi kept puja for Priyanka’s well being, if he sees Anika, he will lose his temper. Om says Shivaye already did tandav, we have to set things right, Anika is the Laxmi of this house, she has to attend puja, we have to get her rights.

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