Gauri asks will you go to that house…. Anika says I don’t know, am I doing right or not, but if I don’t respect their word, it will be wrong. Om says wrong happened with you, we want to rectify it, come. Anika says take care of Sahil. Gauri hugs her. Anika leaves with Omru. Sahil’s mum looks on shocked. Shivaye says Priyanka we came back home, get up now, you know I didn’t let anyone remove your wedding lights, it will light up till you get married to Daksh and have a farewell, I don’t take doctor’s words seriously, I know you can’t leave me, you know I can’t live without me. Dadi looks on. Shivaye says you know something, I have broken Anika’s marriage and taught her such a lesson that she will remember all her life. Anika comes home. Shivaye says she can’t come here, she can’t step inside this Oberoi mansion. Daksh gets shocked seeing Anika at the door. He calls Tia and says come to Oberoi mansion fast…. He goes. Anika sees Omru. Daksh says Shivaye, that….
Shivaye asks what happened. Daksh says just come with me. Dadi asks where are you taking Billu….
Om asks why did you stop. Rudra says this is your house too. Om asks her to come. Shivaye says wait a min, what are you doing here. Om says we got Anika. Dadi asks why. Om says she is bahu of this family. Rudra says and Shivaye’s wife too. Dadi and Daksh get shocked. Dadi says Om, what are you saying. Om says I m saying truth. Rudra says ask Shivaye if he married Anika last night or not. Dadi asks what’s this, did you get married. Shivaye says who said this. Dadi asks Anika to say what’s the truth. Om says don’t be scared, tell everything to Dadi. Anika cries and says its true, Shivaye married me yesterday. Shivaye asks what’s the proof that I married you. He says Dadi, any girl can come and say that she married me, does she have any proof or witness. Anika says yes, my sindoor and this mangalsutra…. both are witness and proof too, that you married me yesterday. Daksh thinks if this girl is saying true, did Shivaye marry her, Tia and my plan will flop, nobody can save us from getting bankrupt. Dadi asks Shivaye to say truth.

Shivaye says such Mangalsutra are sold at 100 rs price in market. Dadi says its precious for a suhaagan, no girl can make such a claim, did you marry Anika, say the truth. He says no, I won’t call it a marriage. He says you can’t shed fake tears and make lie a truth. Anika says and you can’t make a truth a lie. Shivaye says oh come on, spending a night together isn’t called marriage. Dadi shouts Billu…. Shivaye says sorry Dadi, this girl doesn’t understand any other language. 
He asks Anika to forget it and get lost. He says you trapped a rich man, you want to name it marriage and get money, I won’t let your clever things work. Tia comes and asks what’s all this, you got married? How could you do this with me, you are taking revenge for Daksh’s mistake, since he didn’t marry Priyanka, you married Anika, you know Daksh did that for you and your family, why are you taking revenge with me. Shivaye says I didn’t marry this girl, she is lying, I promised to marry you and I will do it, I have no relation with this girl. Tia hugs him and says thanks, you scared me. Daksh signs her.

Dadi says I regret that you two believed this girl and doubted your brother, you should have asked him first. Om says even if we asked, Shivaye would say the same. Rudra says he is hiding truth. Shivaye says I have told what I had to, Anika will you leave yourself or shall I throw you out. Om says wait a min, you are saying right, then swear on Priyanka and say you didn’t marry Anika. Shivaye says I don’t need to give any explanation to anyone, anyone can accept it else I don’t care, come Tia. Om says then fine, we don’t need to give any explanation to anyone, we will do what we want, whoever wants can accept it else not, you did this for us, now we shall do it. 
Dadi asks what will you do. Om says Shivaye rectified our mistakes till now, now we will rectify his mistake. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Om does Anika’s aarti. Rudra also does it. Anika cries. Om does her tilak. Tia asks what are you doing. Om says what we are supposed to do, being Shivaye’s brothers. Rudra says sorry, we almost accepted you as Bhabhi, but Anika is our Bhabhi now. Tia says Shivaye, its our insult. Rudra says its quite insulting for Anika, she has come home for the first time after marriage, her husband is denying the marriage.

Om asks what to do next. Rudra checks and keeps kalash. He asks Anika to make kalash/pot fall by her right foot and come inside. Anika hits the kalash and comes in. Rudra says wait a min. He gets the red color plate. Rudra says now come in, foot prints should be marked. Anika steps in and leaves her footprints. Om asks Dadi to bless her bahu. Anika touches Dadi’s feet. Dadi blesses her and gets away. Rudra says Dadi, when bahu comes home, elders give her shagun. Om says we did the rasams, you have to do this rasam. Rudra says please do it. Dadi goes. Rudra says Dadi is orthodox, generation gap, don’t take tension, she will accept you. Om says come, I will show you the room. Dadi comes back and makes Anika wear a bangle. Anika cries. Dadi says on Omru’s saying, I m giving you this shagun, it doesn’t mean I accepted you as bahu, till Billu tells me that you are his wife, I can’t accept you as my bahu. Shivaye looks on.

Shivaye says you are my wife, what are you doing here, come with me to my room, you fulfill the duty of a wife. He gets Anika to his room and shuts the door.

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