King Singh (Mishal Raheja) big confession to unveil a turning point in Ekta Kapoor’s Kumkum Bhagya

ZEE TV daily soap opera Kumkum Bhagya is up for a major high intensity melodrama.

So far we have seen that how King Singh (Mishal Raheja) turns suspicious after he sees Pragya and Abhi close together in the function.

Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) is eager to talk to Pragya (Sriti Jha) and wants to reconcile with her,
But Pragya is stuck in dilemma after she thinks of King Singh who was standing there in her very tough times.

While now the story will bring another major turning point in the storyline when King Singh will discover Abhi Pragya’s past.

Abhi and Pragya’s truth exposed

Abhi and Pragya’s marital relationship will finally be getting revealed in the upcoming storyline.

Where King Singh finds himself in major dilemma knowing Abhi’s relation with Pragya,
It would be quite interesting to watch how King Singh’s big love confession will bring ahead a major turning point in the show ‘Kumkum Bhagya’.

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