Kulfi (Aakriti Sharma) Amyra's (Myra Singh) Maha-milan with their real life Fathers Kulfi Kumar Bajewala
In the interesting chapter of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala,

Finally the day is close when Sikandar Kulfi and Tevar Amyra will get reunited.

Sikandar (Mohit Malik) has finally learned about Kulfi’s (Aakriti Sharma) real identity that Kulfi is a girl, not a boy.
While beside this, Cutie mistakenly revealed to Tevar about Lovely’s pregnancy before her marriage and Amyra Tevar’s blood relation.

Tevar Sikandar find new hopes
Sikandar and Tevar both are overwhelmed learning the unspoken truths of Kulfi and Amyra.

Where now Tevar will meet Amyra and will tell her about her relation with him, Tevar hugs Amyra calling her his own daughter while there Sikandar hugs Kulfi sharing a very strong bond.
It would be quite interesting to watch how Kulfi and Amyra’s life will now take major u-turn after they meet their real life fathers.

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