Kulfi tells Susan that she is not Joshua and she is Kulfi. Kulfi says that she is a girl and not a boy. Kulfi tells Susan that she cannot live with them. David comes there and Kulfi hides. David tells Susan that they will go away tomorrow morning. Susan agrees. Kulfi wonders why Susan agreed although she told her all the truth. Kulfi thinks that Sikandar will never be able to find her if David takes her away. Sikandar looks at David's house through binoculars and says that he will hunt down Kulfi. Lovely comes to meet Tevar. Tevar tells Lovely that she does not want him to get engaged to Minty as she still loves him. Lovely says it is not true. Tevar insists Lovely to tell the truth. Lovely goes away. Lovely's mother sees her and wonders what Lovely is doing out so late at night.
Kulfi meets with accident
Next morning, Sikandar falls asleep in car and David leaves the house with Susan and Kulfi. Susan tells David that she wants to go to church and David agrees. David, Kulfi and Susan leave in the car. Kulfi wakes up and asks David where he is taking him. David asks Kulfi to shut up. Sikandar wakes up and misses seeing David leave. Sikandar sees the kids singing Kulfi's song. Sikandar recognizes the song. Sikandar asks the kids where they heard the song. The kids say that Kulfi taught them.  The girl asks whether he is Sikandar. The girl says that Kulfi is waiting for him. The boy says that they all have gone away towards the church. David and Kulfi reach church. 
David goes up Kulfi with Susan. Sikandar reaches the church and asks around for Kulfi. Kulfi enters church with Kulfi. Kulfi thinks to scream out loud and tells everyone that David has wrongfully captured him. A woman comes and tells Susan that she is sorry for her as she has came to church after so many days. Kulfi thinks she cannot do wrong with Susan. Kulfi prays to God to help her. Sikandar also comes inside church and prays to help him find Kulfi. David sees Sikandar and gets tensed. Sikandar lights a candle. David hides Kulfi inside confession box. Kulfi pleads David to remove her. Sikandar hears Kulfi's voice.
Precap: Kulfi and Sikandar run towards each other. A car dashes Kulfi and she fall. 

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