Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely's (Anjali Anand) stern steps, unites Tevar (Vishal Aditya Singh) to his daughter Amyra
Where on one side, Star Plus daily soap Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is revolving around Kulfi's kidnapping controversy,

Here Tevar and Lovely are coming close and Lovely seems to realize her love for Tevar.

While Lovely is going through mixed feelings for Tevar, Tevar and Minty get engaged and promise a new love life but this leaves Lovely irked and she decides to take a big step.
Lovely not ready to lose Tevar
Where Lovely broke her chords with Tevar because of Tevar's poor financial condition,

But now when Sikandar is not paying much attention to his daughter Amyra, and Tevar gets engaged to Minty, Lovely decides to take a big step as she don't want to lose Tevar.

Lovely will be revealing Tevar's relation with Amyra, where Amyra is Tevar's daughter, it would be very interesting to watch if this truth will get revealed to Sikandar.
The viewers will get to see Tevar and Amyra's pampering hug after Tevar will find his blood relation with Amyra.

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