Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Spoiler Alert 12th August 2018

In the daily TV Show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala,

The loyal viewers will see Tevar’s desperate efforts to get back his daughter Amyra.

Where Lovely doesn’t want to return back to Tevar, Tevar determines to play his next move against Sikandar.

Tevar will make Lovely realize that Sikandar doesn’t love her or Amyra and is busy in celebrating happiness with Kulfi,
Tevar will turnh opportunistic when he will find Kulfi and Sikandar’s strong connection.

Sikandar to learn Lovely Tevar’s truth
Where Tevar is already ruining Sikandar’s music career, his next move will be to separate Sikandar and Lovely,

It would be quite worth to watch if Tevar and Lovely’s past connection will get reveal to Sikandar.

What will be Sikandar’s reaction to it?
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