The Episode starts with Abhi asking King to leave her head. Purab says he wants to ask you to enjoy the party. King says he was surprised. Tanu tells that she can’t bear middle class Pragya. Aaliya says she is King’s wife and is more rich than you. Tanu asks her to do something. John tells Robin that King and his wife were looking good dancing. Disha takes Pragya with her. Pragya tells her that Abhi shall not disrespect King if he can’t respect him. She says Abhi has invited them to the party. Abhi hears her and tells Purab that he will talk to Pragya. He asks if he heard what she said. Purab says you can’t tell that she is wrong and asks him not to talk to her now. Mitali tells about the game in which couple will participate. Abhi and Pragya look at each other.

King comes between them and says Chachi called. Purab nods Abhi not to talk to her. Mitali asks Robin to bring the game stuff. Robin brings Dandiya. Mitali says wife have to blind herself and search her husband and give Dandiya to him. She says wife has to identify husband in 1 min until the music plays….She asks Robin to play music and says winner will not get any prize. 
She asks married couples to come. She takes Abhi, Purab and asks King to come. King tells Pragya how we can play. Mitali asks if he is bribing her and takes him to play. King gets a call and says he will be back. Aaliya scolds John for making something fall. Tarun calls King and asks if we can come to the party. Kiara blackmails Tarun to talk to King. King says there are no kids here. Kiara talks to King and asks her to come.
King asks Tarun not to bring Kiara to party. Aaliya comes infront of King. King and Aaliya have an argument. King comes back to play the game. Mitali says we will start with Disha and Purab. Purab says disha will identify him. Mitali blind folds Disha. Disha starts walking. Abhi looks at Pragya. Song plays….Disha identifies Purab and hugs him. Aaliya thinks to make Chandelier fall on her. She thinks this is the best way to get rid of her. She calls Tanu. Everyone claps. Disha says Mitali bhabhi misguided her so she will also misguide her. Mitali says it is a game. Mitali recalls spraying special perfume on Raj and tells that she will identify her husband with her heart. Pragya comes to Abhi and asks why is he staring her? abhi says I want to talk to you and holds her hand.

Pragya says when you can throw me out of your life then you can marry Tanu with your wish. Abhi says he got married to her and Tanu without his wish.

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