Colors one of the most awaited Daily soap Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka is witnessing an emotional melodrama where Kunal Nandini realized their love.

Where Mauli has surprised Kunal by revealing about his new dream clinic she planned for Kunal,

Kunal is not much happy with the surprise as his mind and heart is busy in thinking about Nandini.

Where soon Mauli will plan family but a shock to Mauli and Kunal, Doctors will reveal Mauli’s impotency which will bring a trauma time for Mauli and Kunal.

Nandini brings new hope in Mauli’s life
The story will take ahead major turning point when Mauli will request Nandini to become surrogate mother for her.

While Mauli’s request will bring major changes in the storyline,

Let see how the marital relationship of Kunal and Mauli will get affected by this big twist.

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